Choosing the Right Colors for Your New Pole Building

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Pole Barns come in many colors today. Drive throughout the state and you will see some barns done in a traditional red, others in Quaker gray, and some in white sand. When the time comes to paint your building, narrowing the options can be challenging, as there are so many excellent choices. The following tips may make this process easier.

Number of Colors

There is no set rule regarding the number of colors a person should choose for their pole barn. However, most people limit themselves to two or three. They use one color for the sidewalls, a second for the trim, and a third shade for the roof. When doing so, they typically match the windows, doors, trim, and wainscot with the roof.

Another option is using a single color throughout the building elements. Nevertheless, some people use four colors for their building. As pole barns increase in popularity, color options do so as well. A person’s imagination is the only limit.

Selecting Colors

Colors for Your New Pole

Consider the landscape when choosing colors for the pole building. The goal is to choose colors that coordinate with other elements of the property. When doing so, think about what may be popular in the future. Many people find they feel most comfortable sticking with a classic, earth-tone color to allow the property’s natural beauty to shine.

Combining Colors

Certain color combinations have remained popular over the years. For example, a bone-white building with a pewter gray roof is always a good choice. Pewter gray walls complement a burgundy or Quaker gray roof. Talk with the pole barn contractor to learn what combinations are regularly requested by others in the area.

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Finding Inspiration

A person might also choose to drive around and see what color combinations others are using. Figure out which colors seem to draw the eye. Another option is to look online. Pinterest might be a good place to start, or a person might begin this search on the pole barn builder’s website.

Many other sites today can provide inspiration, as color combinations don’t have to be taken from pole barns. Any color combination that is pleasing to the eye should be considered. In fact, a person might draw inspiration from clothing, yarn, a painting, or many other objects. However, men and women who reside in a suburban municipality might find they are restricted when it comes to the colors that can be used.

Using Natural Materials

Consider using decorative elements made from brick or natural stone. When doing so, use earth tones for the walls and roof. This ensures all materials complement one another rather than clash.

The choice of paint is as important as the choice of colors. Select paint that will not only make the building visually appealing but will also offer extra protection against the elements. UV rays, humidity, and more can mar the beauty of the structure, so invest in quality paint that will reduce the risk of this happening. Consider it an investment in the property, as you won’t need to paint as often and your building will still look its best.


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