Complete style guide for wearing nose rings

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Nose rings, be it pearl rings, or gold or silver rings, are a great jewellery piece that most women own. It helps change their look immediately. If you do not wish to look dressy and stay away from wearing too many jewels, you can opt for a silver nose pin as it can offer you a stylish look without looking flashy. 

Silver nose rings or nose pins come in a wide range of styles and designs. You can search them online and get tons of search results that show all kinds of conventional designs and modern designs particularly made to go well with today’s fashion. With the appropriate selection of silver jewellery to match an ideal nose ring type, you can easily make a style statement with your appearance. 

How do you pick nose rings to match your face type? This is one query that often pops in your head when you think of trying out a nose ring or pin for the first time. Here are some factors that you need to take into account when you purchase nose rings. 

Twist nose ring

This nose ring type stays firmly in the nose whilst offering a flush fit. It is the most regular type of nose ring for these reasons. There are various styles available and so there’s something for everybody. 


Nose studs basically go well with every shape. If you have a broad nose then you can opt for a bigger stud that includes a stone. If you have a narrow nose, you can pick a smaller version of the same. A nose stud appears good on any attire type, be it western or Indian. This is one good benefit to buying nose studs; you can sport them without thinking much about what kind of attire will look good with them.

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Hoops often tend to look better if you possess a narrow long nose. They generally do not suit a broad nose. Hoop nose rings can be purchased in various designs and sizes, some bigger ones with pearls and diamonds go remarkably well with conventional outfits, they are ideal for marriages and other special events and occasions. Simpler, smaller, hoop nose pins suit Kurtis, tunics and tops, and t-shirts as well depending on their designs. Silver nose rings suit Indian and western attires. 

Septum rings

These nose rings unquestionably are for women who wish to make a style statement upon entering the room. They look good on any face shape type. You just need to have some fashion sense and the confidence to try it out. Septum rings come in several designs, some delicate and simple and some quite prominent. You can pick the ring depending on the event you are dressing up for. You can wear them with piercing as well, which makes them easy and handy to wear. 


This nose ring type should be sported on prominent noses. For the most part, this is a heavy jewellery type so you must have a prominent nose so as to carry it. This is why it is sported more on special events or occasions extensively on conventional attires.

With various nose rings, you can design new looks for yourself since every nose ring is distinctive and it adds a new vibe to your individuality. If you were unsure about buying a nose ring for yourself in the past, you need not think twice anymore. You can opt for these rings and show off your astonishing new look. The major plus point when it comes to wearing nose pins or rings or a locket is that you can sport them without any exclusive occasion and they tend to look pretty, and trendy, and help make you look and feel pleasingly different without actually doing a lot of work. Be it a stud or a hoop ring, you can buy one now and you will be pleased that you decided to get one for yourself, for sure!

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