Cost Effective And Well Performed CRM Software in Pakistan

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How much does CRM software cost?

The cost of implementing CRM software in Pakistan is one of the main topics of discussion in companies. So what affects the price, why can’t it be fixed, and what additional costs should you be prepared for? Let’s figure it out.

Factors affecting the cost of the project

  1. Number of users

The first thing you need to decide is the number of employees who will work in the system. It would be a big mistake to equate the number of licenses only with the composition of the sales department. Most often, many other company departments are also interested in the CRM system, for example, marketing, logistics, technical support, and IT service. The heads of these departments will be the primary users and the coordinators of implementation and work in the system, so it is necessary to inform them and record all requirements.

Please note that some CRM systems have competitive licenses. Simply put, competitive licenses are the ability of users to take turns working. Let’s say you have purchased ten licenses, and there are only fifteen employees, but not all of them use the system simultaneously. Accordingly, it makes no sense to buy fifteen licenses, and you can limit yourself to ten. This scheme is suitable for companies with a shift work schedule and employees who work in CRM not constantly.

  1. Remote connection and mobile access

Mobile licenses are often free, but remote access increases the cost slightly. But with this function, it becomes possible to connect to CRM wherever you are and work in a familiar interface.

  1. Function package
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In subsequent publications, we will describe how to collect requirements and accumulate information about the needs of departments in more detail. Here we note only the main points that you should pay attention to so that the cost of implementing CRM is optimal.

They must always collect requirements, which will help determine the proper system configuration. Extra functions when using CRM increase the cost of licenses. After collecting all the essentials, it is necessary to specify them since the more general and vague tasks are, the more expensive the implementation can be.

Do not rush to make improvements if there is any doubt about their necessity. Give yourself a certain period to use the system, and perhaps after a while, you will realize that the existing functionality covers all needs.

  1. Improvements

Remember that saving on rework by attracting third-party contractors who did not participate in the CRM implementation process and do not know all the nuances of the work is a considerable risk. Non-professionals, at best, may not cope with the task, and at worst, they can damage the code, from which the system will collapse, causing damage to the company.

Contact those who already know the design from the inside and took part in its implementation, in which case they will make the improvements quickly and efficiently. It is not profitable for such companies either economically or reputationally to waste time or do their work inefficiently.

  1. Integrations

Almost no CRM system can contain integration with all the necessary services. When calculating the cost of implementation, consider this and specify what they can connect types of applications for what price.

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The factors listed above are mandatory components that they should consider but do not forget about the cost of the implementation itself.

Additional expenses

There are additional costs that you might not think about in advance in almost any system, but they can seriously affect the budget. As a rule, these amounts vary depending on the vendor.

Data import

If you have a ready-made client base or are migrating from another CRM. It is better to entrust the migration to the vendor to avoid data corruption.

Initial setup

If you don’t have a good IT specialist on staff, it’s better to ask for help setting up telephony, templates, directories, and the first business processes for a company that will implement CRM.


The fee for it, as a rule, is not very high, and the training itself is conducted online. For example, in Ladder CRM, training is provided free of charge, as it is part of the customer service.


If new versions of the system are released, it is better to pay for their transition. So you get the current functionality and improved options, which will significantly affect the efficiency of your work.

It is better to clarify all these nuances to clearly understand. How much it will cost to implement CRM in your particular case.

Summarize. Even if they work in the same area, different companies have different internal “kitchens” of business processes

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