Different Types of Farming

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The very existence of our life is because of food and this food comes from the agriculture sector. There are a lot of people involved in farming we must be thankful to them as it is because of them that we can fill our bellies with our favorite food items. But we need to know that there are so many different forms of farming such as terrace farming, subsistence farming, etc. That exists so in this article you will get to know about all of them. Because according to different soil types, environmental conditions, atmospheric situations, and the requirements of the crops our farmers decide which type of farming will be suitable for them. So let’s read about each one of them in this article. Don’t forget to read till the end so that there are ambiguities concerning this topic.

Dairy Farming

Our researchers have recently observed that when it comes to food products the demand pattern of consumers is changing as the protein consumption is rising day by day the demand has shifted from grains and serials towards the dairy products which demands the expansion in dairy farming as well.

This farming ensures the bulk production of milk by breeding and raising milk-producing animals such as a cow and buffalo. Apart from dairy farming, there is biofloc fish farming as well which deals with the breeding of different types of fishing.

Commercial farming

Commercial farming has gained much popularity in the recent past because when it comes to the Indian agricultural sector. A lot of our farmers were lacking a commercial Outlook. Which was a major reason for backwardness in our agricultural sector. Commercial farming enures the fact that there is enough advanced technology employed in the farms that leads to massive production. And productivity of agricultural output so that it can be sold in the market.

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Employment of advanced technology also ensures the fact that the uncertainties of the agriculture sector. Are eliminated to a very large extent and it is well mechanized. Rather than producing food grains commercial crops such as cotton, jute, and Indigo, etc are produced.

Plantation Farming

The main motive for this is generating profit. In this form of a single crop such as tea, sugarcane, banana, etc. Is planted on a very large piece of land this requires a lot of manpower. And technology to be employed in the farm area. It is generally practiced in tropical and subtropical regions because they have a good amount of heat and humidity. Which is an essential requirement for these crops to flourish.

This pattern of cropping was introduced in India by the Britishers when they were ruling here by promoting indigo and tea plantations. Generally, cash crops are grown in this form of farming and they are sold in international markets to generate high profits. This farming is very essential as it contributes a good percentage to the GDP.

Organic Farming

Nowadays this system of this is getting a lot of appreciation. And support from the government and a lot of environmentalists because this is ensures that there are no artificial or chemical products used in the production of the food crops. This system of farming focuses on food crops. And not on the cash crops it makes sure that the chemical fertilizers are not used because it is not only harmful to the people consuming. These crops but also it is harmful to the soil and ultimately to our environment.

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This system of this makes use of natural fertilizers such as cow dung. And others to make sure that the crops produced are very organic and natural. This is also gaining wider popularity because a lot of health-conscious people have avoided the consumption of food grains. That is not organic and was grown using chemical fertilizers. So it is completely justified to call it an eco-friendly method of the farm.

Apart from these methods, there are a lot of methods that exist such as primitive subsistence farming horticulture commercial mixed farm intensive farming, etc. One needs to make sure that before choosing the type of farm. The requirements of crop is grown, soil health, and environmental conditions. Atmospheric situations, climatic conditions, etc are all taken care of to reap a good harvest.


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