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Discover the Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Discover the Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage door maintenance is often overlooked, and this is very unfortunate which leads to a range of garage door problems. These problems ultimately lead to costly repair and a huge inconvenience. The costly repair can be avoided if you make the garage door maintenance task your routine job. This comprehensive guide is all about top garage door maintenance tips to help you avoid expensive garage door repair and replacement in Royse City, TX.

Test the door balance

This is perhaps the number one garage door maintenance tip. Open and close the door to notice if they are opening uniformly. Now disconnect the opener, and lift the door to the half-open position manually by pulling the release cord. When you release the door, it should stay at its position. However, if the door falls, the door springs are worn out. In that case, you may have to change the door springs.

Test the tracks and rollers

For the smoother movement of the garage door, the track and roller should have no rust or any damage. Check for the tracks and rollers for the rust. Because of the rust on the tracks and rollers, the garage also makes noise. Doors also make noise when the tracks are loose. In that case, tighten the nuts to ensure the tracks are not loose enough. At last, apply the lubricant on the tracks to make sure the doors open and close smoothly.

Check the weatherstripping

Garage doors have weatherstripping on the top and bottom. If the weatherstripping is damaged, the water and air can enter the garage. In fact, the damaged weatherstripping can bend and cause problems in the smooth operation of the garage doors. Replacing the weatherstripping is the best option. However, if you are not willing to replace DIY, get assistance from the garage door repair company in Royse City.

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Test the safety sensors

The safety sensors are installed about a foot above the ground on either side of the garage door. They pass an invisible beam of light, and if anything crosses the beam, the doors should reverse and open again. This feature is designed to protect the people and animals that may cross the doorway while the door is closing. So, open and close the door and test the safety sensors to make sure they are working well. However, if the sensors are not working, take a clean rag and clean the lenses.

Tighten all hardware

Over time and with the regular operation, the garage door hardware tends to lose. As a result, the garage door does not operate the way it should. Examine all the hardware and if you find any hardware loose, then take a socket wrench and tighten all of them.

Regularly clean and paint the garage door

If the garage is made of metal, it must be painted frequently to avoid developing rust on it. Regularly cleaning will help you avoid developing rust. However, if the doors are made of wood, then warping and water damage is common. Ensure they are protected against the door. You can paint your wooden doors not to allow the water to stay on the wooden surface of the door.

Check the cables

Check the condition of the high tension cables that lift the garage doors. If you find anything wrong with the cables, directly approach the garage door repair service in Royse City, TX, and ask the professionals to get the issues fixed as soon as possible.

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Why choose a garage door repair company?

For many homeowners, it is next to impossible to manage time for garage door maintenance. Visible and minor issues can be fixed DIY. But for the major issues with the garage door, it is always better to approach the garage door repair service in Royse City, TX. Their experience and access to high tools and equipment help them quickly fix garage door problems and bring the garage doors into the proper functioning mode. Hence, use the above-mentioned garage door maintenance tips to keep your garage door in good condition and stay in touch with a garage door repair company for quick fixes.


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