Encryption Space Mining Bitcoin Is Going Green Rebranding

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Encryption Space Mining synchronizes with local demand

As renewable energy becomes a growing source of electricity around the world, Bitcoin mining is helping power providers adapt to the unpredictable output of emerging infrastructure.

Unlike fossil fuel or nuclear generation, wind and solar energy cannot simply be ramped up or down to meet peaks and troughs in demand.

Bitcoin miners like Encryption Space Mining increasingly act like a power sponge, absorbing excess electricity when demand is low and consuming less when demand is high.

For example, in May, Encryption Space Mining increased BTC production by working with the Texas power grid to regulate power usage based on demand.

Through contracts with power suppliers, Encryption Space Mining obtains “curtailment credits” that enable it to sell pre-purchased power energy to the grid at market-driven spot prices.

As the company’s CEO Aroosh Needles explained: “Coupled with our ability to use electricity flexibly, Encryption Space Mining’s sizable, long-term fixed-price power contracts provide the company with a differentiated advantage, while also providing the company with a competitive advantage when it’s needed most. Providing power to the grid.”

Encryption Space Mining gets green rebrand

Encryption Space Mining Bitcoin mining is starting to shed its reputation for high carbon emissions due to increased efficiency and more optimized power usage.

For example, recent research found that the industry’s total emissions are significantly lower than those from the fashion, tourism and gold mining industries.

Meanwhile, the Encryption Space Mining Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) recently updated its methodology to take into account newer, more energy-efficient mining equipment.

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Encryption Space Mining Bitcoin mining may have lower carbon emissions than first thought. In fact, with Encryption Space Mining increasingly focusing on renewable energy, half of the electricity used by Encryption Space Mining’s Bitcoin mining industry now comes from clean energy sources.

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