Establish A Business With 82+ Services On Board With Gojek Clone

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Gojek clone app is the super app that has left the world surprised by its powerful features and 100% satisfactory services. 82+ on-demand services are something that you wouldn’t have ever seen! Usually, on-demand apps offer only a couple of or ten services. But things are a little different for this on-demand service mobile application. 


If you have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, this is the best chance for you to bring all your dreams to reality. 

Gojek clone app lets you offer not one but 82+ services that your users can book instantly! Or, if they don’t want the services immediately but schedule them, that option is available too! Coming back to the question of ‘how’ you can develop the application, here are the steps to follow to launch your own application in only a week’s time.  

Step 1:  A deep research about the market is always better

Having in-depth knowledge about the market is very useful. It tells you a lot about how you should build the app, what to include in it, what will your customers love the most, etc. It is the first step to confirming the success of your app. So, it is recommended that you answer these questions: 

  • Who is my audience? 
  • What services will people use or will come in handy? 
  • Which features will make the user experience 200% smoother? 
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Step 2: Find the white-labeling firm that will develop the Gojek clone app. 

To find the best white-labeling firm, there are certain parameters you need to follow such as: 

  • The firm should have launched 1200+ on-demand applications. 
  • They must have 10 years of industry experience in developing and launching such apps. 
  • The firm must ask the entrepreneurs to try the demo apps first, no matter what! 
  • A strict NDA policy must be agreed upon. 
  • A firm’s website must have video testimonials of its clients. 

Step 3: Take the demo of the iOS and Android Apps 

The next big thing on your agenda should be – trying the Gojek clone demo apps. Taking the demo will give you a better idea about the workflow of the app, what customizations you want to make in the app, which color theme you prefer, etc. 

Step 4: Purchase the package 

Once you have tried and tested the demo apps, it is time to discuss the requirements with the Project Manager. After the discussion, the manager will prepare a Scope Document that will contain all the details about the company deliverables and the complete breakdown of the cost of purchasing the app. 

Based on the cost, you can either choose to pay the entire amount in one go or partial payments! 

Step 5: Review your Gojek clone and approve if you like them 

After the purchase of the package, the white-labeling experts will start working on your project. Once done, they will upload all the apps for review on the firm’s development server. It is here that the entrepreneurs can review the apps, pinpoint differences (if any), and give a heads-up so that the team can move to the next step. 

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Step 6: App launch 

This is the final step in the app development process. The application is launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store so that the users can start downloading and using the app. 


Now that you are aware of how to build the Gojek clone app that offers 82+ on-demand services, it is time to launch the app. Approach only a licensed, well-established firm offering all the perks and benefits to the entrepreneur like – a quality product in the quickest of time!

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