Glass Installation Overview

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Glass Installation Overview

The standard glazing techniques were developed to ensure that the glass is ordered and installed according to the industry standard guidelines for glass. These step-by-step instructions are based on the installation of standard single-glazed glass. Specialty glass such as coated or insulated glass may require different procedures than those described in this manual. Consult Stiles to get specific guidelines for glazing glass products.

The Types of Single-Glazed Glass Included in This Guide

1. Tempered glass

2. Wire glass

3. Glass laminated (not including polycarbonate that is bullet-resistant)

4. Architectural glass with textured (pattern glass)

1. Tape Measure

2. Rubber Coated Gloves

3. Phillips Screwdriver

4. Straight-edged Razor Blades

5. Utility Knife

6. Caulking Gun

7. Closing Cell Double-Sided Adhesive Glazing Tape

8. Clear Silicone Sealant

9. Denatured Alcohol

10. Glass Cleaner and Towels made of cotton Towels

A frame that is continuously welded is not enough to ensure a watertight state. If it is possible, it is strongly suggested that the glazing be placed on the exterior rabbet of the frame that will in preventing water infiltration. Stiles is not responsible for the application of our products or the application of caulking around the perimeter joints, joint sealants or glazing products. This process should be described in the installation/glass/glazing or Caulking section in the specifications. These are the recommended guidelines for the fitting of single-glazed glass in external hollow metal.

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The most common cause for glass breakage is at the contact between the glass edge with the frame made of hollow metal. Glaziers must ensure that the correct glass disclosure and sealant processes are in place according to contracts. It is vital to know that silicone cannot be painted. However, colors that complement finishes are readily available. The sealant that was tested was Dow-Corning 795 silicon. It is the duty for the contractor’s general manager to make sure that this sealant or an equivalent sealant is employed. Silicone sealant is not paintable however, colors that complement finishes are available.

Measuring Glass for Glass

How to Determine Glass Size

Find the opening width as well as the height. Dimensions of the glass should always be stated with the width first. (Example WIDTH X HIGHT * Thickness)

Take the 1/4″ from the opening size, and 1/4″ from the height of the opening. This is the exact size of glass, which will result in 1/8″ glass display on all 4 sides of the glass between the opening and the glass. It is also referred to as”glass clear” or “glass clearance.”

The Best Way to Determine the Use of Glazing Tape

Begin by measuring the glass pocket size. Deduct the thickness of the glass to calculate the allowance for glazing tape. Divide by 2. This is the recommended thickness of glazing tape for the backstop and face stop.

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