How do Land Value and Quality Infrastructure Work in Empowering Real Estate Value?

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It is common knowledge that there are a plethora of things that determine the real estate prowess of any project. For instance, there is hype about the Royal Orchard Multan Plots because the society is located in one of the best possible locations. But location is not the only thing that matters. There are various other things such as:

  • Amenities
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility

That determines the success of any real estate project. But a rather overlooked thing that people need to be more attentive to is the assessment of the supply of electricity in the area. An electricity supply that is sustainable, reliable, and safe is highly essential for the high value of property in any area.

This is mainly because of the fact that these things promise two of the following things:

  • Better Quality of Life
  • Appreciation in Land Value

This is a fair argument. Because those lands suffer from poor resale value which are dealing with load shedding or frequent power outages.

This is why it is important to understand the factors which are playing a key role in the determination of the real estate value of the land.

What is Land Value?

Land value is an estimation of the property which includes both the value of the land and also entails the value that is added to the property once it has been upgraded. The land value should not be misinterpreted as only the value of the establishment but also includes the site value.

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What is Quality Infrastructure?

Despite popular belief, quality infrastructure and its concept are not only limited to the development of roads and other subsequent structures. Yes, it is true to some extent but that is not the only thing that falls under this heading.

In recent times, quality infrastructure is the amalgamation of hard and soft skills which enhances the value appreciation of any land and makes it all the more worthy for investors and residents.

What are the Benefits of A Reliable Power Supply?

Here are some of the core benefits of a reliable power supply which ultimately leads to better residential and commercial prospects in any area. These are the reasons which promote investors to invest in any real estate establishment.

Boosts More Value for Investments

Lands that are promising both – reliable electrical supply and a well-developed structure are blessed with a high resale value as more and more people tend to invest in those areas. A stunning example of this one is the cities of Mumbai and Delhi. These cities were reformed and revolutionized by promising a stable supply of electricity and also taking the architecture game a step up. This cements the fact that how an on-time investment can attract a lot of people and boost the sales of the real estate sector.

Improved Life Quality

Pakistan’s mainstream cities such as Lahore and Karachi are on everyone’s radar. There are many reasons for these cities to become the ultimate destination for tourists, but why is that in the first place? The main reasons behind the success of these cities are that the government has paid extra attention to upgrading the infrastructure of the cities and has also ensured that there is a reduction in the load-shedding scenarios in these cities.

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The Promise of Economic Growth and Commercial Development

One of the most important things for the success and growth of commercial real estate is the reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity. This is mainly because of the fact that in order for businesses to flourish and become unbeatable they need to have an uninterrupted supply at the basic necessities of life.

All the areas in Karachi which hold high commercial value such as:

  • Port Qasim
  • Korangi Industrial Zone
  • SITE

An uninterrupted supply of electricity is of core importance because of the high traffic of commercial establishments in the area. That is why the demand for property in these areas is also increasing.

Real estate developers and investors tend to think alike in a lot of situations. For them, a lot of things play a key role in deciding and determining the land value. For instance, they tend to keep a check on:

  • Availability of Road
  • Utility infrastructure (whether water, gas, sewerage, or power) in under-development colonies

These factors are what determine land appreciation in even underdeveloped areas. But the prospects of investment tend to differ in the context of areas that are offering a luxurious lifestyle such as:

  • DHA
  • Tipu Sultan
  • Nazimabad

In Karachi, these areas are constantly subjected to premium upgrades for a better lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned context successfully builds the narrative that we cannot overlook the link that lies between better land appreciation and real estate prospects. This is one of the main reasons behind the massive success of Hateem City Multan.

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