How Does the Social Listening Process Work?

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Today’s most successful brands don’t just speak to their audience; they’re always listening. Social monitoring helps you understand what people are saying online. The information you gather through social monitoring can help you inform business decisions and also drive actions like improving your customer service. It’s not a new concept, but it’s become more important as social media platforms evolve.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is monitoring social media to gain insight into your audience’s behavior, attitudes, and interests. It involves listening to what people are saying about you on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms so that you can take action based on those insights.

Social monitoring can help you solve problems, generate leads, and find keywords related to people’s challenges or problems. You will also be able to identify the best content for your audience members, learn what they like and don’t like about it, and create more content.

What’s the Process of Social Listening?

Understanding the social monitoring process approach is important for any business trying to gain more traction on all its social media platforms.

Find Keywords

Finding the right keywords is essential to social monitoring and can help you identify problems, generate leads, and find potential customers. Here’s how:

Find keywords related to your business. Look for popular questions or complaints that people have about your industry or product. This could potentially lead us to come up with some great content ideas.

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Find keywords related to your competitors. This helps you see what people are looking for when they want more information about your competitor’s offerings.

Find keywords related to your industry/product line-up and key features within each product line-up. This lets you know what would make someone choose one specific item over another from the same company.

Taking Action Based on Insights 

Here are a few examples of what you can learn from a social monitoring audit:

What are the most common questions people are asking? This could indicate confusion about your product or service, which is an opportunity to improve your FAQs, or it could be that customers are looking for specific information about how to use your product. If so, streamline the process by creating a microsite with all the answers they need.

What are the most common complaints people have? Complaints aren’t always negative. Sometimes, they just comment on what’s missing or lacking in your offering. This feedback may come up again and again across different platforms and channels. This should be a sign that there’s something more fundamental going on here than just one disgruntled customer, and it’s probably worth addressing. 

What problem do people keep running into when they try using our product/service? You can use this insight as an opportunity to develop better instructions or workflows within your website. This data will help inform future marketing campaigns to increase potential buyers’ awareness, so they know what exactly awaits them once buying time arrives!

Reach Out to those People

Once you know the people interested in your products or services, it’s time to reach out. Here are several ways to do this:


If someone has engaged with your brand, they’re probably interested in other content that reflects their interests and needs. Reach out with a personalized email introducing yourself and offering them access to more information on your site. You can also ask them if they have any questions about your business that might make good blog topics!

Create an Email Outreach Campaign 

Consider using automated email campaigns if you have a large list of potential leads but don’t have time to reach out individually. Make sure your campaigns are personalized as much as possible. This will ensure you provide relevant information in each case without spending too much time crafting individual messages!


Social listening is a powerful way to improve your company’s customer service. It allows you to quickly and easily identify pain points that can be addressed in future products or services and build trust by replying to customers’ questions and concerns online. The ability to reach out directly with an answer also improves the chances that they will remain loyal customers, thus increased sales

Tools for social listening, such as NetBaseQuid, are at your disposal. NetBaseQuid provides a comprehensive strategy for establishing, promoting, and preserving your company’s reputation. Regardless of whether your ultimate objective is hyper-targeted campaign strategy or next-level product creation, this social monitoring tool have you covered. It helps you know why you’re being referenced and what resonates or doesn’t resound well with customers.

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