How Orthotics Can Help Flat Feet?

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What is orthotics?

It is likely that you spend a significant portion of your time on your feet, as they are required to support all the burden of your whole body. While supportive shoes can be helpful but your feet are special and slightly different in terms of size and shape the feet of everyone else. If you buy shoes at any retailer, they’re not designed to fit perfectly and fit your specific feet.

Orthotics can be described as made-to-order insoles that are designed to perfectly provide support for your feet. They’re a safe surgical method of improving the performance of your feet and ease any discomfort you’re feeling. There are a variety of orthotics. These include arch supports and footpads, shoe inserts or ankle braces.

What Do You Mean by Flat Feet?

flat feet is an issue in which your feet’s soles don’t have any significant curvature which allows the entirety of your feet to touch the ground while standing. The most common cause is poor growth in the early years of life, flat feet could be caused by injuries or diabetes, obesity, or the aging process.

People with flat feet do not feel any discomfort. However, flat feet can cause changes in the way your legs are aligned. This could cause issues with the ankles and knees of your feet that can cause reduced function and discomfort.

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How Can Custom Orthotics Aid Flat Feet

Custom orthotics can benefit flat feet by giving the support your feet require to alleviate the pain in your ankles or knees that is due to your flat feet. They can also be used to delay or even eliminate surgical procedures for issues that result from problems with alignment.

While you can buy orthotics in Perth off the shelf, they might not fit your foot or cause problems that are already present to be worse. The doctor Dr. Brent Radford reviews your medical background, discusses present issues, examines you, and recommends any necessary tests to discover the root of any problems you’re experiencing.


Are There Pros or Pros and Feet?

Flat feet are when your foot is pressed against the ground when standing. While the majority of people have flat feet because of genetics, some situations may cause foot flats later in the course of. This is known in the form of “fallen arches” or “acquired flat foot” and requires an orthotics specialist to determine the cause.

Other than genetics, typical causes of flat feet are:

  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Aging

Are Flat Feet Treated by Inserts?

One of the most common misconceptions about low-lying feet, is they do not have arches, however, they actually do.. Though they’re not very significant support for these arches is vital to avoiding injuries and pain. People with flat feet frequently inquire, “Will orthotics help?”

The short answer is yes, strong support for your arch will help you achieve better biomechanics whether you’re walking, standing, or running. The orthotics designed for feet with flat soles can help ease pain, balance your body and align your spine, decreasing the likelihood of developing injuries in your knees, ankles, and back as well as hips.

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The most effective kind of foot support that is suitable for flat ones is that features an arch being low and supportive and heel stability. These features enhance shock absorption and offer long-term relief.

The Advantages of Using Orthotics on Flat Feet

The best foot support for flat feet isn’t an easy-to-fit-all solution. Therefore, an individualized treatment has benefits like:

  • Fitted to your specific needs for maximum the best fit and
  • Maintains proper alignment of the leg and foot
  • The arch supports the heel and arch.
  • Absorbs shocks
  • It distributes pressure throughout the sole of the foot.
  • Balances the system
  • It reduces pain while walking standing, standing, or running

The Pros and Cons of Orthotics Designed for Flat Feet.

The drawback of a custom insert is that it could cost a lot. Although generic options from drug stores are readily available, they may not be the ideal choice for all people. Gel or foam inserts as well as cheaper options do not have the right structure to support flat feet.

The Most Important Thing is The Bottom Line

The arches of your feet play a crucial part in shock absorption, balance, gait flexibility, and ensuring that you can move without issue. While they are not a remedy that can “fix” problems with flat feet, they can be the most effective method of relieving discomfort and improving health.


Dr. Brent Radford uses all that data to create orthotics that will improve your health and ease the discomfort you experience. Regular visits Foot Focus Podiatry in Perth enable Dr. Brent Radford to make any needed adjustments to ensure that your orthotics work as well as is possible.


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