How to find the right product in our high-pressure cleaner comparison

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Whether moss, green algae, or just dirt – high-pressure cleaners are real all-rounders when it comes to removing dirt and weeds in the area of home and garden. the cleaners are considered to be doubly economical. On the one hand, you consume relatively little water. On the other hand, the high water pressure makes additional chemical cleaners superfluous in many cases.

Our guide shows which types of high-pressure cleaners exist and hoverboard weight limit what they can best be used for according to the tests. In addition, you will receive useful tips and hints for the safe handling of a high-pressure cleaner.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our high-pressure cleaner comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

High-pressure cleaners are suitable for many cleaning tasks and can be used around the house and in the garden.

If you want to buy a pressure washer, pay attention to the ratio of water consumption and working pressure beforehand.

Cheap devices wear out a little faster, which also affects safety.

With conscious handling, high-pressure cleaners can be used for almost all surfaces. You can both free pavement slabs from annoying moss and get your dirt bike or car back in shape with a high-pressure cleaner. In addition to the correct and safe handling, a good device is also crucial.

With purchase advice, you will learn how a high-pressure cleaner works and what is therefore important for a high-pressure cleaner test winner. We will tell you which weaknesses some models show in current high-pressure cleaner comparisons.

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Cleaning with water pressure: electric motor sufficient for private use

In addition to steam cleaners from Kärcher, for example, high-pressure cleaners are probably among the best-known tools for cleaning the house and garden. The structure of high-pressure cleaners is always very similar. Basic components are a container with a motor, pump, and water tank of the high-pressure cleaner and a hose with a gun.

Most commercially available devices are so-called cold water high-pressure cleaners. You can operate these pressure washers in garages or gardens on a cold water connection. Hot water high-pressure cleaners or hot water high-pressure cleaners are sometimes also referred to as steam jets. In both cases, water is pressurized by a pump and bundled into the hard jet water.

The engines are powered by either gasoline or electric stakeboards Industrial high-pressure cleaners often work with very high water pressure and are therefore often equipped with gasoline engines. High-pressure cleaners with electric motors are less powerful, but also significantly cheaper. If a model with a power cable is too inflexible for you, you can now also buy a high-pressure cleaner with a tank and battery. What you should remember about the different categories can be seen in the following table:

Electric motor

  • With a power cord or battery
  • Weak and medium-strength devices up to 150 bar
  • Intended for household and garden work

Petrol engine

  • Consumes gasoline and produces exhaust gases
  • Powerful devices from 200 bar
  • Designed for industrial applications

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