How to Make the Best Out of the Spotify Algorithm?

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Entertainment like music, TV, and movies are getting very easy to explore based on personal liking. It is convenient to flip through the channels and find what you want to watch especially from great lineups like Cox cable packages. Similarly, you can find the right songs and playlists for yourself on Spotify without making your own. The algorithm has built-in playlists for all occasions.

Imagine a long road trip with your friends or family. You have the best company and fantastic snacks for the journey. But the trip won’t nearly be as much fun without the right kind of music blaring from the car speakers. You don’t want to spend half of the time searching for tracks to play online. This is where Spotify playlists come in. The platform’s algorithm is a powerhouse when it comes to playing music based on your genre and language preferences. Here is how you can find the best music on the platform without making your own playlists.

#1: Discover Weekly

The Discover Weekly tab is one of the best ways to explore new music. The songs here are what Spotify thinks you will like based on your listening habits. The algorithm suggests completely new music that other people with similar interests as yours also like. The best part about this automatic playlist is that it updates every Monday.

#2: Daily Mixes

There are usually 6 Daily Mixes in the “Made for you” tab that get updated daily. All six playlists are completely different from each other. The algorithm usually groups similar artists from your listening history and similar genres together in one mix. You can find some great fresh finds here.

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#3: Time Capsule

The Time Capsule can be very interesting for people who have been using Spotify for a few years at least. It is a collection of all the songs that you have historically listened to the most. So, if you are in the mood for some nostalgia, you can find some of your favorite old tunes here.

#4: Spotify Playlists

Spotify has some great built-in playlists that you can listen to. Some of them are based on artists while others are on the genre. If you want to stumble upon some brand-new finds, you should trust a built-in Spotify playlist. The playlists usually list down all the artists on the header, so you can pick one that seems to be the best fit for you.

#5: Mood Mixes

If you don’t want to pick based on artist or genre, there is another way. The Spotify Mood Mixes are completely revolutionary and you can pick a playlist according to your current mood. Pick the blues mix if you are down in the dumps or a cheerful list if you’re celebrating. The mixes can be romantic, moody, chill, happy, etc.

#6: Weekly Charts

The “Charts” tab is also a great way to find what the world is listening to. You can listen to playlists with the latest hit songs from the week, global and local viral songs, and the top albums. The best part about Charts is that you can look for the top tracks based on location. Spotify’s most-played songs from all locations are ranked and listed accordingly in separate playlists.

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#7: Artist Mixes

If you want to binge-listen to one specific artist, you don’t have to search for all of their songs individually. Spotify has made playlists for all their albums and songs in one place. All you need to do is search for your favorite artist and tap on the playlist with their name on it.

#8: Song and Artist Radio

Sometimes all you want to listen to is one song because of its tune, feel, or the artist. But you don’t have to get stuck in a loop for endless monotony when Spotify offers songs and artist radios. Play your favorite song or the type of song that you want to listen to. Then tap on the three dots and “Go to Radio”. Spotify will automatically curate a queue accordingly.

#9: Release Radar

All the new singles and albums from the artists you follow can be found on the Release Radar. The specifically curated playlist for you is updated every week on Friday. So, you can never miss any new songs from your favorite individual artists and bands.

#10: Fresh Finds

If you want to experiment with your music and want to listen to something new then you can go to Fresh Finds animated explainer videos. The list updates every Wednesday and has all the latest releases like albums, new artists on the block, and new singles. It is the best place to explore everything on Spotify and stumble upon an underrated artist that you like.


Spotify Premium and regular accounts have a lot more to offer if you know where to look. You don’t have to listen to the same old if the algorithm can help you get access to amazing new finds.

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