How to Tell if You Need New Windows

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As a homeowner, your responsibilities never end. From routine tasks to yearly maintenance, there’s a lot to do. As your home ages, every component also starts deteriorating. Sooner or later, it becomes unavoidable to repair or replace those components. Flaking paint, rotten cabinets, cracked floors, or worn-out roof shingles- a lot of things go bad and need replacement as time goes by. One such component is windows that face wear and tear and eventually need replacement.

The major components like doors, windows, floors, or roofs typically have a lifespan of a few decades. Homeowners avoid replacing windows and doors because this type of home improvement project can be costly. However, windows get damaged to an extent where replacement is the only solution. This is because windows perform a variety of important functions such as providing ventilation and natural light, improving your home’s curb appeal, and increasing energy efficiency.

When to Replace Home Windows?

When windows get old or damaged, they not only become a security risk but also reduce your overall comfort. So, even if you had installed the best quality windows, no product is designed to last forever. The lifespan of windows depends on factors like weather, frame material quality, and how well they are maintained. So, if your home’s windows are more than a decade old, start looking for some common signs that tell you it’s time to install new windows.

  1. High Energy Bills

If you notice that energy bills have gone up, it can be tricky to identify the actual cause. To figure out if faulty windows are responsible for high bills, stand close to the windows on a chilly day. If the glass feels cold or the temperature is cooler near the windows than the rest of the house, then most likely windows are to be blamed. You can also perform a candle test. Light a candle or incense stick, take it near the window frame and slowly move it around. If the window seal is damaged, the candle will flicker, or the smoke moves. This means that the seal is worn-out and drafts are coming through your windows. Replacing these faulty windows or sealing them to holes could make your place more comfortable. The outdated models like single-paned windows are more vulnerable to leaks. Installing new double-pane windows that are highly energy efficient can help you reduce energy costs.

  1. Difficult Operation
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Periodically, you should check each window in the house. If opening and closing windows take a lot of effort, you clearly need new windows. When the window frame gets swollen or locks get damaged, operating windows become troublesome. Difficult operation is not only frustrating but also risky. During an emergency like a fire outbreak, windows play a life-saving role in rescuing people. So, make sure you have properly functioning windows that comply with the building codes.

  1. Condensation or Decaying Frames

If there’s fog between window panes or rainwater is seeping through frames, it’s time to replace old windows. A worn-out window frame is a clear sign that windows have completed their lifespan. Condensation, leaks, or too much outside noise are clear signs of window damage.

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