How to troubleshoot an Epson printer communication error?

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Epson is a popular printer and electronics manufacturing company. This company offers various printer types and models. Epson printers are very user-friendly and easy to set up. The user can configure his Epson printer with any device and take the printout with good speed and quality. You can connect the Epson printer using the USB cable or Wi-Fi. If the user has a home network; he can also connect the Epson printer directly to the network and share it with other devices. These printer devices are very robust but still, some users get errors while using Epson. 

Common reasons behind Epson printer communication error

  1. Your printer is not connected to the system
  2. Some printer services are not working
  3. Epson can’t find the required driver
  4. You are sending invalid print command
  5. Printer files are not working 
  6. The firewall is blocking the Epson printer network connection
  7. Invalid Epson printer settings

Resolving Epson communication error

Run a printer troubleshooter

If the Epson printer starts showing your communication error unexpectedly then you should run the printer troubleshooter tool. This tool will check for all printer-required files on the PC. If any file is not working, this inbuilt troubleshooting tool will repair it. After running the troubleshooter tool, restart the PC and now check the Epson printer status. If the printer is still showing a communication error then try other solutions. 

Check the printer’s driver

Communication errors mostly appear when the Epson printer is unable to find the required driver. This can occur when the printer driver is running out of date. To fix the error, check the installed driver on the system. Update the driver and then inspect the communication error. Ensure that you have installed the correct Epson printer driver on the PC. Your driver can show updating issues when some of its files get corrupted. Use a driver repair tool to fix the printer driver. You can also remove the corrupted driver and then install the new one. After reinstallation, add the Epson printer to your computer. Your printer will take a few seconds to communicate with the driver and then start taking printouts.

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Power restart your Epson printer

Your Epson printer shows communication issues when its services are not working correctly. Printer services can stop working when the Epson gets a runtime error. When a user sends a new command when the printer is already busy; sometimes the services stop responding. To run the printer, you have to power restart it. Check the printer and eject the power cable. Now wait for about 10 seconds and reconnect your cable. Your Epson printer will start working and all services will start running from the beginning. Go to the connected device and then send a new print command. The printer will receive the command and start printing the documents. 

Reconnect the Epson printer to the system

To fix the Epson communication error, you can try reconnecting your device. Go to the computer/phone and check for the connection. On wired connection, eject the cable from the PC and printer. Now check both the ends for any damage. If the cable seems fine then reconnect and ensure that the cable is not loose. You can also try connecting the cable using another USB slot. Now go to the system and check the printer status for error. In the printer’s Wi-Fi connection, check the Wi-Fi driver on the PC. Update the Wi-Fi driver and reconnect the printer. When you are using your Epson printer on the network; inspect the router and WPS. Restart the router and then enable the WPS button. On the printer, restart the Wi-Fi button. The Wi-Fi lamp will start searching the available networks. Choose the SSID of your network and then click on the OK button. After the printer connection, the Wi-Fi lamp will get steady. Go to the device that is connected to the same network. Open a document and click on the Print button. On the available printer’s list; select your Epson printer and start taking your printouts. 

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Disable the firewall

Epson printers can show communication errors on network printing due to a firewall. When the network is secured with a firewall; it inspects all the incoming/outgoing traffic and connection requests. Sometimes the firewall suspects the printer’s request as malicious and blocks it. To send the print command via the network; you have to disable the firewall temporarily. After disabling, send the print command and now the printer will receive it easily. To prevent further issues, you can add your Epson device to the trusted devices list. 

Reset the printer

If you can’t fix the communication error using any method; try a printer factory reset. But use this function only when you know the steps to configure the printer. Close the Epson printer and check the reset button on the rear side. Press the button to factory reset the printer. Now configure the Epson device to the computer and check for communication errors.

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