How To Use Incense Sticks?

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Incense sticks heal the body and soul – so they say in the East. Aromatherapy relaxes and relieves stress and tension. It is convenient that for a relaxation session you do not need to buy an aroma lamp and essential oils – you just set fire to a stick and inhale the aromas.

But is it always beneficial? Always, if you use incense correctly.

Choosing a flavor

The aroma of sticks, like perfume, is individual. The effect depends on the correctness of its choice:

  • Aromas of lotus, sandalwood, and jasmine relax well after a working day. We recommend using them with constant mental or physical stress.
  • Rose scented incense sticks awaken sensuality. In the East, they are often fumigated in rooms before intimacy. Vanilla sticks are also considered an aphrodisiac.
  • The smell of lemon has a beneficial effect on the immune system. It is advisable to use such aroma sticks if you have frequent headaches or nausea.
  • Coniferous aromas kill microbes and bacteria, invigorate, and improve mood. They are used to prevent colds.
  • Lavender calms and soothes. This fragrance helps to cope with emotions, and overcome stressful situations.
  • Lotus is one of the most effective scents in aromatherapy. It is useful for chronic fatigue, insomnia, stress, and the initial stages of depression.

What are incense sticks?

The most popular aroma oils are produced in Tibet, Nepal, China, and India.

Tibetan incense is famous for its composition. They include 40 or more natural plant ingredients. Most of the herbs used only grow in the Himalayas. Tibetan sticks are pressed, so as they smolder, their aroma changes.

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Incense from Nepal is known for its calming effect. Nepalese aroma sticks are baseless and multi-component. They contain pressed herbs and minerals. Herbs have a strong concentrated aroma that does not disappear from the room for a long time. Both Tibetan and Nepalese incense are also available in aromatic cones.

Chinese aroma sticks are also baseless. They are spiral in shape. The Chinese believe that burning in a spiral creates an energy column. There is Chinese incense in the form of baskets, boats, and fish. It’s better to incense holder for incense sticks to keep them together and avoid the mess.

The basis of Indian incense is bamboo sticks, on which fragrant mixtures are applied. The sticks are then soaked in essential oil. When fumigating the room, it is filled with a double aroma. It is bright and recognizable.

How to use aroma sticks?

How to use incense sticks is simple. To get started, you will need a stand for aroma sticks or a container with stones. The stick is inserted into the stand with a thin edge.

Then you need to light the incense with a match or a lighter. Burn carefully. You can cover the fire with your hand until the stick starts to burn. Let the stick burn for a few seconds, then blow out the fire. Pay attention to the tip of the incense – it should be red – the same as the smoldering coals in the grill.

After a few seconds, the aroma will begin to spread around the room along with the smoke.


We figured out how to light an aroma stick. But each fragrance has its own properties, so do not mix several scents in one session. The scent stays indoors for about 3 hours. After the session, the room must be ventilated.

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Use sticks with a natural composition, because synthetic incense does not provide any health benefits. They just spread the fragrance around the room. The aroma stick should not smolder for more than 20-30 minutes. This time is enough for the air to be saturated with useful components.

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