How to Use Instagram Dark Mode? Guide about Most Popular Social Media Network

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Not many social networking applications allow users to switch between black and white backgrounds. However, now webmasters and designers understand the importance of content visibility. Therefore they allow the readers to pick different font sizes. It’s a brainstorming idea to give the users complete control on the design elements of a web page or application that they use. It improves their browsing, surfing, reading, and overall networking experience online.

Instagram Dark Mode

When Facebook rolled out the black mode of Facebook Messenger, people really appreciated the modification. It helps them focus more on the content of the chatbox. Before launching the messenger’s dark theme, the company did some tests and surveys to make it available to every user. As per surveys, dark mode is the preferred background, social theme, and mode for most internet users as it is really easy on the eyes. More importantly, it makes interacting, chatting, and content sharing more attractive than a white background. The content of the page or the text in the chatbox stands out in the dark mode, and that’s another reason why more people use dark mode in messenger to stay focused.

As Facebook owns Instagram now, the company decides to roll out a dark mode for Instagram as well. Not to mention, Instagram’s dark mode is sleek, chic-looking, engaging, and, more importantly, interactive. The color scheme of gray and black would make socializing, chatting, and browsing on Instagram even more interesting than ever before.

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Pressure on Eyes

All the users are used to writing posts on a white background, which sometimes is too much for your eyes. For instance, if you are using Instagram at night, you might feel like a lighter color display is putting more strain on your eyes in the tranquility of the dark. For this reason, the black Instagram mode is something that more people love to use when socializing with friends or using Instagram at night.

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Dark Pixels Vs. White Pixels

The Instagram dark mode is said to improve your battery’s power by extending its time to a few more hours than it usually is. You can conserve the battery even after using Instagram for hours by enabling the dark mode. The dark pixels are said to take over less battery power than the white ones, so it will help you save your battery power for the rest of the day.

You can enable Instagram dark mode on your device if it’s Android IOS 13.

The dark pixels activate much faster on iPhone than on the androids, and the mode can be enabled quickly in the Apple’s setting itself without hassle.

The android phone users can activate the mode in the setting options. It does not take much time to turn the Instagram mode from white to black. I will furthermore explain in detail as to how you turn on dark mode on Instagram.

Advantages of Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram users have fallen in love with the Instagram dark mode and there are so many reasons why they rave about it so much.

  1. The dark pixels are never heavy on your eyes. The white or light pixels do reflect white light, putting pressure on your eyes. Using white displays at night can cause eye strain and tiredness. If your eyes get red shot from using a mobile phone, particularly during night, you should always activate the black background to protect them. Fortunately, Instagram night mode or dark mode would never cause eyes strain ever for being light.
  2. Instagram dark mode is interactive, allowing the users to focus more on the chat box, writing and the content they create. You would never feel distracted or irritated once you activate the mode. If you are used to using Instagram for hours, you can continue doing it, but this time your eyes won’t be under a lot of pressure.
  3. The best trait of activating the Instagram dark mode is that it helps conserve the battery power to a great extent. The same power can be used later during the work hours without putting the put on charge after use.
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Down Side

The only downside is that this new Instagram services feature is only available on cell phones with the latest mobile operating system such as Android 10 or iOS 13. If the users are using outdated models of Nokia or Samsung, they would not be able to make use of this new dark mode, sadly.

How to Turn on dark mode on iPhone

Switching your Instagram background from white mode to black mode is somewhat easy that you can imagine. If you are using Apple iPhone, follow the following steps:

  1. First, open the setting option on your phone.
  2. Go to the Display setting or simple brightness settings.
  3. Change the background of your phone from white to dark.
  4. Most android phones have the option to switch between white and black.
  5. Click on the dark to change the theme,
  6. Now click on the Instagram application or icon.
  7. Enjoy Instagram dark mode option!

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android device

It does not matter how old your android phone is; if it has the latest mobile networking version and set up, you can run Instagram dark mode within a matter of seconds. Note that the mode only works seamlessly on Android 10 only.

  • Go straight to the phone’s setting of the android phone.
  • Here you get two options, white or black ground.
  • Choose a dark background or theme.
  • Now launch Instagram, you have enabled the dark Instagram mode.

Try Instagram dark mode to feel a vivid yet positive experience specializing with your close friends, relatives, or office colleagues. You will never tempt to switch it back to the white mode ever! That’s what most users share about their experience with this new theme. They are quite happy about it, and they love using it even during the day.

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