Jump Starter Test: Safety, Battery Size, and Ports Are Critical

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In addition to the displacement, rc cars fast purchase criteria such as safety are also relevant for each jump starter test that you carry out individually. Overload protection and overload protection are equally desirable. We also recommend the following protection mechanisms:

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overheating protection

If you want to give your vehicle mobile starting power, the battery size in mAh is another important purchase criterion. Whether a certain jump-start device is suitable for (vehicle) your car, the battery of your motorcycle, etc., you can also tell by the maximum possible peak current in amperes. The more electronic consumers you have on board, the higher this value is best.

Additional functions such as an operating lamp, a flashlight, or a compressor can be extremely useful in practice. The following product features should also suit your requirements and individual needs. As we can report at AUTO BILD*, for example, a USB port is only available on selected jump start devices.

  • Connections
  • Size in cm
  • Weight in g

Optionally with an integrated battery charger

Type of jump starter: Mini jump starter, Jumpstarter for tractor, diesel, truck, petrol or motorcycle

Attention: A cheap jump-start device can become a significant security risk for you. As one of the other independent jump-start device tests has already been criticized, it can come with inferior devices to a short circuit. In the worst case, you will then have to replace not only the lithium jump starter but also your car battery costly.

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The best jump starter

Before you buy a cheap jump starter, you will not only want to find out more about the brand. Rather, you will certainly be interested in the results of an independent jump start power bank test. Ökotest has not yet published any such test results.

Also at the Stiftung Warentest, such a test is pending so far. However, the editors address a decisive criterion for the purchase of a jump starter device: If another person gives you start-up assistance from their car, the damage is possible. Anyone who then has to pay for this damage can possibly lead to a bitter legal dispute.

The most well-known brands when buying a jump starter device

So far, a Bosch jump-start device or a Würth jump starter may have made it into your shortlist. Now, however, you want to compare even more models to decide on your individual test winner. These manufacturers send their devices into the race for you:









How to use a jump start device correctly?

In order for your jump-start device to serve you well, best off road rc cars you need to connect the poles correctly. If you do not do this, the vehicle electronics may be damaged. Therefore, take these five steps to give your vehicle a safe jump-start:

  • Connect the two positive poles via the red cable
  • Connect the black negative pole cable to a ground point on the car – this can be, for example, a metal part in the area of the engine block
  • Turn on the jump start device and operate the ignition
  • Then switch on an electrical consumer such as the seat heating or a blower in the car
  • After the jump-start has been successful, switch off the jump-start device and then first loosen the black minus cable and then the plus cable in red
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