Looking For Unique Gifting Ideas in Hindi Matrimony? Here’s The list!

By Arslan Shah 5 Min Read

Having back to back weddings to attend but running out of gifting ideas already? No problem, the article will help you figure out the perfect gifting options for marriages in Hindi Matrimony

Marriage functions can be pretty confusing and you might end up presenting money envelopes on all your wedding invitations. However, money is of best use and most people will usually prefer to receive the same as a gift in marriages. But it might not be the wisest option for the person on the other end. It is often puzzling to put the right amount of cash inside the envelope. Most of the time you end up giving more than usual to avoid inner conflict.

So, below is a list of a few gifting ideas and options to help you stay ready for marriages in Hindi Matrimony. These gifts will not just make the couples feel special but can also come at pocket-friendly prices for you. Follow the points to know more.

Flower Bouquet 

A flower bouquet works wonders on all marriage occasions. Also, it is easily available and comes with a flexible price range. You can choose a variety of bouquets according to the types of flowers and the bouquet size. A small bunch of lilies or orchids can make a better present than most gifts in the wedding venue. You can also combine different flowers like roses, lilies, tulips, etc to gift it to the couple. Also, a huge bouquet made with different color roses will add charm to your gift in Hundi Matrimony Shaadi. However, you can even add a few hand-written notes to your bouquet to add a personal touch to your gifts.

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Identical pajama sets

Weddings are all about looking good and staying photograph-ready all the time. So, it goes without saying that the couples will like anything which will make them look interesting in photoshoots. Also, they are going to have a lot of it before, after, and during their wedding ceremonies. So, nothing will make them happier than the identical pajama sets to wear on their honeymoon. It will make them feel cute and a lot excited to dress alike. 

Apart from being a thoughtful present, identical pajamas will also serve the purpose of a budgeted wedding gift. You can easily get it online, within the price range of INR 1000-1500. All you need to do is to order early and make sure you are ready with your unique gift at least a day before the wedding day. 

Home decor items

After marriage, a couple is ready to start their lives in their new home. So, what is better than various home decor items? There are multiple amazing and beautiful options when you are looking to decorate a house. You can buy photo frames with the couple’s pictures on them or get a beautiful wall hanging to enhance the beauty of their new home. A large vase or a lampshade can also beautify their living space like nothing else. You can even gift them a cute 3-piece table set or couch and recliners if you have a little higher budget for a gift. 

Glass and dinner sets 

Nothing can match the use of fine dining set after marriage in Hindi Matrimony. However, make sure to buy it from a branded company to give a regal touch to your presents. You can also add alcohol glasses with the dinner set to make your gift stand out among others. 


Every young couple likes to have frequent boozing sessions after marriage with each other or with their friends. But not each of them has the correct pair of glasses for different kinds of drinks. So, you can help them with their collection of dinner sets or wine glasses to set the party tone. A beautiful cutlery set is also one of the options to gift a useful item to the married couple.

Thus you can use these gifting options to avoid any last-moment confusion while attending marriages in Hindi Matrimony. These ideas are both unique and come within your budget to be used in various Shaadi functions.

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