How To Be Successful With Online Business by Charles Michael Vaughn

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Charles Michael Vaughn shares his point of view regarding the online business industry.  He has discussed the invention of the internet, its impact on business, advertising, and marketing techniques as well as the buyer and seller relationship in detail.

Charles Michael Vaughan Takes The Internet As A Great Invention:

According to Charles Michael Vaughan. The Internet is a great invention that has changed almost every sphere and dimension of life. It has positively affected every person in personal as well as social life. Any person sitting at home can interact. Any person sitting anywhere in the world. The greatest achievement of the Internet is the revolution that happened in the business industry due to technology that has been connected with the Internet. The prime example of this technology that is connected to the Internet is the use of artificial intelligence in the business industry.

Charles Michael Vaughan’s Views About The Online Business Industry:

Charles Michael Vaughan Initiate the conversation as the Internet has revolutionized the business industry. Any business is not a local business nowadays. Any shop that is located even in the smallest city, or the town of any country has its location, address, page, or anything on social media that helps it to connect with the people sitting in the other corners of the world. With the help of the Internet, every business is now an international business with a page as well as a website. Every business person no applauds and presents the offer on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email, messages, or any other system that is connected with automation to sell as well as improve the shopping experience of his customer.

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Another important invention that has revolutionized the business According to him is the automation process. Automation is a lengthy process that is usually done by professionals in this specific field. In simple words, people use keywords are the words that are used mostly in the searches to reach out to the targeted customers who are searching for the products that they are selling. This process of reaching out to the customers is done through posts articles product descriptions, blogs, or advertisements. Many software such as Google Alerts have been connected with the automation that helps. The seller to know where his posts are reaching as well as how many people are searching for him. He also gets to know at what ranking he is appearing in the search engine and how many people have seen him in the research bar.

Advertising and Marketing Techniques:

Another important sphere of life that has been discussed by him is advertising and marketing techniques. In the past, the advertisement was limited to cards, banners, or pamphlets. The invention and connexion of the Internet with advertising and marketing techniques have entirely changed the scenario. The advertisement posted on the Internet forums such as on Facebook, Instagram, any other application of metaverse, email or messages, etc. reaches out to the maximum number of people. The advertiser even does not have the specific knowledge that how many people are viewing the products. And services he has posted an advertisement for.

Another aspect of the Internet and technology is the use of automation or artificial intelligence in advertising and marketing techniques. The post and the advertisements that are posted on different forums are usually search engine optimized as well as Google optimization is applied to all of these advertisement and marketing tactics. The most researched keywords are hard in these posts. And advertisements so that any person sitting anywhere in the world that searches for the specific keyword will also see that add in their search results.

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Broad business usually has websites where automation and artificial intelligence is applied. Chatbots are offered to assist the customers who ask for customer care service or online help. These chatbots are also a prime and efficient example of artificial intelligence.

Buyer and Seller Relationship:

The only thing that has certain defects about this system is the buyer and seller relationship. In the physical shopping buyer and seller, both knew each other. They develop a kind of relationship with buyers. And seller among them and for usually search sale. The seller knew the nature of the buyer so they treat them likewise.

On Internet forums, the buyer and seller relationship is usually between the buyer and chatbots.  Even if a seller and buyer have contact or have a conversation between them.  They never knew each other as the identity on Internet forums is usually anonymous or kept hidden for the safety of both buyer and seller. Only the name is shown on the screen to enable the customer to address the seller. Prices, discounts, and offers along with the picture of products are usually depicted on websites and people can. An mode of payment and the whole process of shopping is done.  There is no buyer and seller relationship. At the end of the shopping usually. An automated message containing the request for rating, like, or recommendation is sent to the buyer.

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