Road bike helmet comparison

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For special needs, there are special models. Thus,hoverboard custom skins a road bike helmet with a visor is perfect for spectacle wearers. There are only a few manufacturers who produce road bike helmets incl. visor.

With a Bell road bike helmet, you can fall back on this variant. Even those who simply want special protection for their eyes, use specific cycling glasses, or do not want to take off their sunglasses are perfectly served with a road bike helmet with a visor.

Aerodynamics plays a role

Almost all brands in road bike helmet tests have aerodynamic time trial helmets in their range. Due to the special design,hoverboard custom skins which merges narrowly at the rear of the road bike helmet, the wind flows undisturbed past the head. If you buy an Aero road bike helmet, the name already says it all. But you can also get such a shape with a road bike helmet Abus or from other well-known brands.

Mountain bike helmets are cut differently

Basically,hoverboard custom skins because of the higher speed and the many sporting competitions, only road bike helmets have this cut. With an MTB helmet or conventional bicycle helmet, the design is very rarely designed for time trials.

Buying advice for the road bike helmet

A road bike helmet test proves: Road bike helmets come with low weight and in a compact form. In addition, there are other aspects to consider. Above all, cushioning properties, wearing comfort, and equipment.

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You should definitely pay attention to the following points when buying if you want to find the ideal fit helmet for you:

  • Ventilation (slots)
  • Material
  • Weight (in g)
  • Accessories
  • Size
  • Price

Material and weight – lightweight helmets with robust shell

In current road bike helmet tests 2022 you can see the different characteristics at a glance. You can opt for a particularly lightweight Kask road bike helmet or a Uvex road bike helmet, which you can attach particularly quickly and well under your chin.

If you are one of the wind and weather riders, then a road bike helmet with light or a road bike helmet with rain protection is the right one for you. By the way, the road bike helmet from Uvex can often convince with top marks in tests.

Accessories: against flies, slides, and darkness

Three in one: A road bike helmet with an insect net keeps mini flying objects from getting in your face, a fastening strap keeps the helmet in a safe position, and with the right lighting, you are safe in the dark early in the morning even in winter.

Road bike helmet test: Wearing comfort and safety are crucial

It is important that you have a high wearing comfort even on long journeys. There is a road bike helmet for a narrow head as well as a particularly wide one. best stakeboards trucks in both cases, the road bike helmet should have a chin guard that is easy to adjust.

Chin straps with a click system and non-slip inner padding prove to be particularly practical. If you freeze quickly, you can fall back on a road bike helmet with a cap.

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Tip: It is important to be able to adjust the bicycle helmet absolutely correctly. Optimal are models that can be operated in width and height via a practical command dial at the rear.

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