RojaDirecta: 8 alternativas para ver fútbol en vivo gratis en 2022

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The ability to access multimedia content via streaming services has had a significant impact on the world of sports broadcasting on a global scale.

Thousands of users around the world use this service to stay up to date on the most important sporting events in real-time, and anyone can use these resources for free.

The rights to live broadcasting of major sporting events, which are managed by the television industry, have been harmed by the emergence of streaming video portals, which have resulted in legal ramifications due to accusations of piracy against these portals, as has happened with Rojadirecta.

RojaDirecta y sus problemas legales

Rojadirecta es una plataforma de transmisión gratuita de eventos deportivos; el ftbol es una de sus categoras más populares, in las que incluyen transmisiones de las ligas más importantes de Europa y Sudamérica., hailed by many as the best streaming platform for watching football and other sporting events, has been subjected to precautionary measures, including the removal of links and the suspension of broadcasts of football games.

The precautionary measure was imposed in response to a request made by Mediapro, a company that produces and distributes audiovisual media and holds the broadcasting rights of the Liga de Ftbol Profesional (LFP) in Spain.

This type of legal wrangling is nothing new for website administrators; they started a legal battle with Audiovisual Sport in 2007, which was settled in Rojadirecta’s favor in 2009 with a judge’s decision that stated that “the web does not store content and does not facilitate the unprotection of key codes for the broadcasting of sporting events.”

The Department of Justice of the United States confiscated Rojadirecta’ domains in 2011, resulting in a redirection to a warning message. Rojadirecta files a request with the United States government, which withdraws from the case and returns the domains without explanation.

In 2015, RojaDirecta took up the topic in France, where a French judge issued an order requiring the removal of all links related to the first and second divisions of French football (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2), as well as a fine of 100,000 euros and the publication of a statement admitting the links’ illegality.

In Spain, the battle against RojaDirecta’s football match streaming is still going on. Campaigns in the media, companies specialising in content protection, and legal reforms have all been filed against RojaDirecta.

Despite the fact that remains operational, many users have already begun looking for alternatives in the wake of what appears to be an impending closure of this website. As a result, we’re presenting the best options for watching live football for free right now.

Alternativas a RojaDirecta para ver fútbol online

Despite the fact that RojaDirecta’s content and access are difficult to match, we’ve compiled a list of the best alternatives for watching free football online in real time without interruptions in the event that RojaDirecta is permanently blocked:

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This website is fully compatible with mobile devices and tablets, allowing you to watch football and other popular sports like as hockey, American football, tennis, baloncesto, and motor sports via streaming technology at any time and in any location. is a user-friendly graphic interface and offers more than a dozen channels, allowing you to watch multiple games simultaneously. It also has access to and interaction with social media networks, as well as a reproductor that can be included in other websites.


LiveTV provides almost all services through its interface, which is available in ten languages and has long been a favourite of many. It broadcasts live sporting events from the major leagues and competitions in football, as well as notable sporting events from other sports such as basketball, hockey, American football, tennis, and more.

It also has a popular videos section, where you can find a selection of the most popular sporting events that have recently concluded. Also available for free are result tables, real-time results, and upcoming broadcasts.

  • provides access to over 20 completely free channels, allowing users to watch many events simultaneously and in real time. Despite the fact that football is their primary sport, they also provide events such as baloncesto, tennis, Formula 1, cycling, and all current sporting events throughout the world.

Its user interface is straightforward and intuitive; it displays the day’s itinerary, which is organised by transmission time; all you have to do is select the game you want to watch, and you’re ready to go. Its fully responsive design adapts to a variety of mobile devices, and it doesn’t require registration, and advertising is almost non-existent.

  • SportCategory.Tv

A simple and intuitive platform that displays a list of available events at a glance. With the most significant feature of “totally free,” this portal does not tolerate complications.

It is possible to customise the language selection for comments during games. Aside from football, there are categories for hockey, baloncesto, béisbol, American football, boxing, motor sports, and more.


Specialized in football, it provides the most comprehensive schedule in which all of the world’s leagues compete. Includes links to both free-to-air and pay-to-view events in a constantly updated list.

It has a chat room, a list of recent entries, a search engine, and a list of links to other football streaming sites like RojaDirecta and PirloTV.’s interface delivers on its promise by providing “all football games for free and in real time.”


It consists of a Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux application; it is not, however, a streaming portal like the others; however, it does allow users to share their television signal over the internet via the P2P protocol.

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This 100 percent secure application allows you to broadcast live sporting events and the most major leagues in Europe and South America. It is also completely free and works flawlessly on mobile and tablet devices. All that is required is that you download the file from your main page and install it.

Stream2watch \ Watch live Stream Sport and Television has a clean and intuitive interface that includes a list of available transmissions along with the icon of the sport that corresponds; football, motorsport, hockey, baloncesto, and a complete calendar of events for all sports.

This website includes, in addition to sports streaming, a section for live television and live television programmes from around the world, including major sports networks such as ESPN, Eurosports, FOX, Sky Sports, and many others.


In the same way that the rich and famous have cloned themselves to preserve their existence in science fiction programs, RojaDirecta has cloned herself to prevent her possible disappearance. TarjetaRojaonline, the brainchild of the same developers, provides links to football games from all leagues.

As a legal safeguard, they include a statement explaining the origin of the links and the users’ complete responsibility for their use and distribution. in an attempt to liberate the site

Conclusion: remains active; the legal audio does not appear to be on the verge of disappearing, and the alternatives to the streaming services that it provides have become apparent. Even in the face of what appears to be impending censorship, several websites are promoting themselves as “the best alternative for watching football before RojaDirecta goes away.”

The best option, as always, is determined by the user and the resources available to connect to the internet and enjoy their sporting passion from the comfort of their own home.

We can without a doubt mention LiveTV as one of the most comprehensive sites among the smaller portals that combine a wide range of channels, extensive coverage of sports, reliable connections, and a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Other websites, such as, score well due to the consistency of their broadcasts and the availability of a reproduction that can be embedded in any web page.

The activity of exchanging links on these portals, as well as the legal issues they face, have a solid legal foundation; and at no point is it intended to incite users to break the law in the interests of others; rather, it is intended to provide tools to meet the needs of fans of football and other sports in a safe environment.

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