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Damascus Folding Knives

Damascus’s reputation for making well-made, affordable, and great-looking knives has helped make the brand what it is today. As a sub-brand of WE Knives, Damascus offers the same great materials and workmanship as WE knives at a fraction of the price. In this article, we will look at some of the Damascus knives and what makes them different from the rest.

Check out our 5 best Damascus Folding knives below. At the end of each knife description, you will find a review from one of our favorite customers.


Let’s start with one of the most unexpected knives in the Damascus line. Damascus Elementum is crafted with the same precision and quality materials that you would expect to see in knives three times the price. It features ultra-smooth ball-bearing swivel washers and a durable D2 steel blade. The knife comes standard with a slim pocket clip for deep carry and a comfortable G-10 or beautiful wood handle.

User Review:

“I’ve been wearing it as a Damascus for about a week now! Black ebony wood and black pocket clip provide a discreet look for work environments (mostly office work). Gave it to a colleague to open the box and they were impressed with the build quality and feel, without being intimidated by having a ‘knife’ in the workstation. The D2 blade proved to be durable and with it, I quickly dismantled boxes for recycling. Overall very satisfied and looking forward to other Damascus in the future.”

2. Damascus Wyvern

The slim and lightweight design of the Damascus Wyvern makes it a great option for everyday wear. An FRN handle with a unique fish scale texture enhances control and grip. The D2 steel blade is easy to sharpen and maintain. The Wyvern swivel on stainless steel ball bearings provides a pleasant action when using the flipper. If you’re looking for a comfortable knife with great value for money, Wyvern is a great option.

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User Review:

“Overall this knife is fantastic! Nice smooth action, jumping where it should be, especially on the flipper. I love D2 steel, I live in the desert so rust is not a problem and what you get from The D2 is big compared to the price Blade looks good as well as functional To be honest I’m not a big fan of plastic grips It’s a tiny detail but the lightweight combined with the plastic grips makes the feel of the knife a bit cheaper But for the price it’s all the pros outweigh this one small con. Buy it and be happy!”


This is one of those knives that gets a lot of attention. The Damascus Statera is a great everyday carry knife with the right mix of materials and feel.

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Thanks to the ergonomic flipper tongue and stainless steel ball-bearing hinge, it opens easily. The Statera handle is made from G-10 with carbon fiber inserts and feels great in the hand. This knife is sure to become a favorite in your Damascus rotation.

User Review:

“This knife is beautiful. The construction, fit and finish are perfect. It flips smoothly and easily. For the price, I don’t think you can get a better Damascus knife. I missed the opportunity to get it last year and have been waiting all this time when it’s back on sale. If you see them in stock, buy one, they’re worth it.”

4. Citizen Incite

Damascus Incite is a large and powerful knife perfect for Damascus or heavy use. The unique design and quality construction allow this knife to handle big tasks. You might not want to split logs with it, but you can use it for tasks like cutting rope and breaking boxes. This knife is easy to maintain thanks to the durable blade made of D2 steel. The Damascus Incite carbon fiber handle is ergonomically shaped for an optimal comfort-to-weight ratio. This affordable folding knife is made for the user.

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User Review:

“This is an amazing knife! It has a smooth ride, stronghold, no hot spots, and smooth but grippy handles. Needless to say, how beautiful it is. This is a Damascus knife at a great price. In my opinion, this is the best model of Damascus. 

5. Damascus Backlash

Damascus Backlash is another great Damascus knife in the Damascus line. The slim profile and bright appearance make it comfortable to wear and attractive to look at. This knife has a textured G-10 handle with excellent contours for a comfortable grip and control during use. In addition, this knife comes standard with skeletonized liners and a pocket clip for deep carrying at a fantastic price.


“I bought the Damascus Backlash as a gift and ended up keeping it for myself. It’s just a great knife and it’s worth the price. I use it a little for daily use and it holds an edge well! I highly recommend Damascus products!”.

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