Why you should hire a shopify expert for e-commerce business?

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Shopify is a Good and fully managed platform to meet your regular needs of e-commerce website. It has options to use themes, apps and other technical scripts to make a good, attractive and easy to use UI website for all kinds of customers. If you are looking for reasons why you need a Shopify Expert then continue read the post.

You can hire Shopify expert to build a high quality e-commerce website with easy to manage admin panel.

Today shopify is widely used for creating shopping websites and dominating wordpress’s woocommerce platform. If you are looking for CDN managed high speed e-commerce website then look for no other than Shopify.

Shopify uses worldwide CDN and auto image optimisation to increase your website speed.

To maintain latest standards of your website you need to hire a shopify developer who can optimise your website’s UI/UX on regular basis. This will help your business to give more and more ROI (Returns on Investment).

Shopify experts are always updated with latest trends going on in market. They can help you to make good profit out of your investments.

Our Services
Shopify Development & eCommerce store Solutions
Our efficient Shopify development expertise enables speedy development with an exceptional approach. We offer custom Shopify development services and e-commerce store solutions.

Shopify Expert Theme Designing & Customization
You can rely on our expert team to design & develop interactive and intuitive themes for your Shopify store. A quality theme design enhances user experience and acknowledges brand value.

Shopify Expert Custom Apps development
We have rich expertise in Custom Apps development and connecting Shopify stores with third-party applications. We assist our clients to Develop an eCommerce Brand with Our Shopify API Integration Solutions.

Designing Shopify and Shopify Plus store from scratch (PSD to Liquid)
Extend the functionality and upgrade the design and theme of your existing Shopify store. We will help you to design a Shopify Expert website from scratch. You can trust our Shopify Expert web developers to deliver you a professional store in a quick time.

Shopify Expert Migration
We provide seamless Shopify migration services with a team of certified Shopify experts. We have years of experience in helping businesses shift their Store to Shopify from popular eCommerce platforms.

Shopify Plus Support, Admin panel and Back-end management
We at Exeedcode, as a Shopify Partner, provides a wide range of eCommerce back-end support services. Our experts extend their support anytime and never let you miss out on any updates or maintenance.

Shopify Digital Marketing
With extensive experience with the Shopify platform, we deliver the expert digital marketing solution you need to launch, grow, learn, and enhance your online store. If you are ready to start generating more revenue from your Shopify Expert store, let us build and implement a custom Shopify digital marketing strategy for your online store.

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What do Shopify Experts really do?
It depends on what you actually want. Every good Shopify expert will ask you first, what is your real goal. Not every customer is the same, so not every online store should include the same features. Also, Shopify specialists are not always Shopify developers. Usually, when you see articles about them, people write about design and development, but we shouldn’t forget about some other fields.

You can find experts who take care of:

digital marketing
setup development
e-mail marketing
search engine advertising
custom visual elements
store migration
custom apps and integrations
custom theme development
store setup development
and more.
You can use the help of freelancers, boutique companies, or big agencies that offer many other services; not just for Shopify stores.

That is why you need to decide first what is it that you really search for. Have you already set up your Shopify store, and you want to focus on marketing? Are you happy with your content? Does your website attract customers enough? Do you have all the integrations which will help to run your business? Do you want to focus on all these factors at once? How big is your budget?

I know. I’ve just asked you about many things, but every store is different and needs a different approach.

Some of these Shopify specialists can build your store, but not all of them are the right choice for you. Be careful, and make your research before you choose the perfect team.

How do I find my Shopify expert?
There are hundreds of Shopify experts you can choose from. Some of them live right next to your door, some are successfully working from the other part of the globe. Even if you already know which area you want to focus on first, how to actually hire a Shopify expert? As I mentioned before, research is crucial.

You will definitely find some interesting recommendations on the official Shopify website, but you can also search on your own. It is also not a bad idea to check some web development agencies right on Clutch. This is an excellent source of information when it comes to choosing a trustworthy company. The portal is pleasant to use, and you can choose from over 150.000 agencies.

Before signing any contract, check:

portfolio of the expert (do you see any online store which you really like?),
reviews (try to find something besides testimonials the web page of your potential match; Clutch is an excellent source of them as it’s moderated very well),
expert’s knowledge of the newest trends (talk, ask questions!),
how usually the cooperation looks like (communication, agreements, time-planning),
if the cost comes with the value (and if it fits your budget).
Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with more than one e-commerce agency or a freelancer. You want to grow your business in the best way possible, and you have your right to check many options. If you feel like you’re betraying someone, stop! The most serious agencies will propose you get free project estimation: it’s really worth using this kind of opportunity. They might let you know how to optimize your Shopify store in the most efficient way.

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Remember that there is also no real need to rush. Pushing yourself to make that kind of serious decision in a minute, right after the pitch of some Shopify specialist is not the best way. They will try to put this time pressure on you because they know that it may help them to get this project. It’s completely understandable.

However, take your time, and make your math, so when you decide to hire a Shopify specialist, you know that’s the best choice possible.

How much do Shopify experts cost?
This is one of these questions for which the answer is… it depends. As I told you before, a Shopify expert doesn’t necessarily need to be a web developer. Design and development teams will chargeFreelance Writing Jobs – 5 Simple Ways to Start differently from SEO agencies. Content writers also have their rates. However, as I don’t want to leave you without any answer, let’s take a look at some examples.

If you decide to run a big SEO campaign, prepare yourself for a cost from $2.500.
Some decent content for the start will cost between $500-$5000.
A whole website set-up including design and development could be $5000-$10 000.
But, it’s still not a good enough answer because freelancers are a completely different case. Sometimes they charge so little that it’s hard to net get suspicious about their skills. Sometimes, they will cost you more than a decent Shopify experts team. Looking for the best person among them is similar to looking for a pearl in the ocean. When you can’t swim very well. I’m not kidding.

You may think now: okay, but web development agencies cost a lot. Isn’t it better to look for that pearl? Well, I could agree in theory but… how much do you expect to earn with your Shopify store? Is your goal $17 500 revenue, and you’re done? I don’t think so.

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