Six Modern Rules of Popcorn Boxes You Must Follow To Succeed

By Arslan Shah 6 Min Read

Popcorn is the all-time favorite snack of all ages. Whether it’s movie time, cricket, or birthday parties, munching popcorn can droll the customers. Besides the aroma of this popcorn, the fascinating boxes are also essential to capture customers’ attention. With so much competition in the industry and rivals offering similar brands, you need to do something to make your popcorn packaging boxes different. Imagine popcorn wrapped in a well-designed package with attractive printing; wouldn’t it amaze the customer.

custom popcorn boxes

If you want to make your popcorn brand stand out, here are six modern rules for custom popcorn boxes that you must follow to succeed in the market.

1. Follow the latest trend.

According to the research, the consumer can perceive your product in the first seven seconds once he looks at it. The same happened with the printed packaging boxes. To make a first good impression of your popcorn boxes, try to make them attractive. Having a dull and rough box can negatively affect your product.

Use different printing techniques like digital and offset printing to add catchy phrases and attractive characters on popcorn packaging boxes. Making it appealing make people more excited. Using complex color model techniques like PMS and CMYK, can give the popcorn boxes a lively color appearance. Popcorn boxes with playful graphics have become a souvenir that no one like to throw an empty box.

2. Customize it with different shapes and styles

Good packaging can influence how we feel about the product. According to the research, the more attractive and well-designed your boxes look, the higher the customer can understand your brand. Every customer has different preferences. Some want large popcorn packaging boxes, and some prefer small. The same goes for style and themes. You can offer scoop-style popcorn boxes or steal end boxes; all the design offers are safe and robust to carry. They also demand different shapes, colors, themes, and designs according to their preferences. If they want it for a birthday, you can give birthday themes or go for a pink theme for a bridal shower. Make sure all the designs you offer are microwave friendly, secure, and easy to carry; this enhances your brand sales.

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3. Choose remarkable material for your popcorn boxes wholesale

A good quality packaging affects how long the material can stay fresh. A premium material counts most when it comes to packaging. In 2016, a study showed that using cardboard and corrugated can make your product long-lasting and reduce cross-contamination.

Choose the suitable material to make your popcorn stay fresh and crisp for a longer time. However, to build a good brand image, take a step towards green packaging. There are dozen eco-friendly materials exist in the market. Where cardboard has the highest recycling rate. Moving towards toxic-free life can improve your profit.

4. Print essential information that relates to popcorn

According to 2015 research, the more text appears on packaging boxes, the healthier the food is perceived. The consumer can sense the brand just by looking at the text. Using the latest printing techniques, you can print any information you want. Some essential information like

  • Your logo
  • Brand name
  • Tagline
  • Symbols
  • Custom message
  • Flavor

Ask your packaging designer to print these details with catchy themes and bold font style. Make sure that you choose the right packaging partner who can craft boxes with the proper placement of every piece of information. Adding such facts about your brand can build trust and credibility with customers.

5. Decorate the internal side of the box

Making your custom popcorn boxes elegantly designed from the inside can entice the purchaser. It is compulsory to decorate the outer side and the inner side of your popcorn boxes. If the inner side of the box is quite simple and unclean, the person doesn’t think to buy this type of box for more occasions. If your box looks beautiful from both sides and is made with suitable quality materials, It increases the credibility of your brand quality.

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6. Enchanting look

The outlook look is one of the necessary parts of any packaging product. For popcorn, the packaging is critical to give an attractive look and grab possible buyer attention. The person can’t stopover without buying the products. Ask your packaging partner to use different finishing techniques. You can go for a Glossy coating to give a shimmery look to your boxes. Or you can go for a matte finish to provide a dense and flatness. Just know about your customer’s occasion and demand and design it accordingly. If you are fortunate to offer this beautiful look to your popcorn packaging boxes so you can easily amplify your earnings.

Final words

Above mentioned six rules could boost the sale of popcorn products. Using these rules in designing your popcorn boxes wholesale will make your brand an all-time favorite for customers. To make your packaging look more outstanding, you can look for the assistance of the top packaging box provider. While Choosing the packaging partner, make sure they follow all the above rules.

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