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Commitment to cleanliness and health in housing

Water in its natural state is generally unfit for human consumption because it contains many harmful substances and microorganisms. If these pathogens are not removed, they can lead to illness and even death. An RO water purifier is necessary to remove harmful chemicals and impurities from the water.

Drinking contaminated water increases the risk of waterborne diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to use the best water purification system to ensure that the water is safe for your body to drink. By purifying raw water, you can drink clean water that is free of chemicals, microorganisms, and other pathogens. So, in this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons to use WATER LOGIC’s RO water purifiers.

Types of Contaminants in Water

Common types of impurities in water include

Physical Contaminants

These contaminants affect the appearance and physical properties of water. Sediments and suspended solids in water sources such as lakes, rivers, and streams contain many physical contaminants.

The Chemical Contaminants

Chemical compounds and chemical elements also affect water quality. it is in water include nitrogen, salts, animal and human drugs, and toxins produced by bacteria.

Biological contaminants.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites present in water can contaminate the water and cause a variety of health problems.

Health effects of drinking contaminated water

Unprotected water, often referred to as unfiltered water, is very harmful to drinking. The water supplied to your home may have been collected from a variety of sources, including streams, rivers, cisterns, and poor wells. Prolonged drinking of contaminated water can lead to many chronic health problems.

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Some of the diseases that can develop from drinking contaminated water include

Typhoid fever.

Typhoid fever is an acute illness caused by Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi bacteria in water or food. Loss of appetite, headache, high fever, drowsiness, and diarrhea are common symptoms of typhoid fever.


It is a common waterborne infectious disease. which is caused by the dysentery bacillus, which attacks cells in the large intestine. This causes abdominal pain, anal pain, and bloody stools. This waterborne infection can also cause severe dehydration.

Hepatitis A&E

The hepatitis E virus not only infects the liver but also causes the liver to swell. The main causes of hepatitis E are eating undercooked foods and drinking impure water.

Health Effects of Drinking Contaminated Water

The health effects of drinking contaminated water can lead to serious illness and even death. According to this study, the effects of drinking contaminated water can be immediate or can last for years. Drinking contaminated water can cause a variety of illnesses, including stomach and intestinal problems such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. In addition, one can experience cholera, malaria, typhoid fever, viral gastroenteritis, hepatitis, and many other illnesses.

Water purifiers and their water purification technologies

All the above diseases can prevent if RO water purifiers installed in homes and clean water consumed. There are many different brands of reverse osmosis water purifiers for home use, but Water Logic offers the best of them. Compare RO water purifier prices and choose the water purifier of your choice from our extensive lineup.

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The technology used for purification

Water Logic water purifiers incorporate mineral RO technology and a dual purification process. These water purifiers incorporate RO + UV + UF purification technologies that remove all impurities from raw water. It removes not only solid impurities, but also bacteria, odors, and other pathogens, making the water clean and safe to drink. The Water Logic’s RO water purifiers also have built-in TDS control to retain important minerals in the water.

Water Purifier Warranty

Water Logic’s products have received the highest level of certification from the world’s leading laboratories, including NSF, CE, and RoHS.

Bottom line

When considering the health of your family, please consider WATER LOGIC water purifiers. These are available at various online stores, so you can check the price of the water purifiers and buy the one that fits your budget and preferences.

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