The Rising Need for Animated Logo Design Services for Business In 2022

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The logo is the heart of your company’s or brand’s identity, expressing its products, services, beliefs, and objectives. Unique logo design services can tell a company’s narrative while also connecting with its target audience in the most effective way possible. The logo is a modern approach to represent your company without having to say anything.

The most recent digital technologies are delivering design advances, altering artistic processes faster than previously, including logo designs. Traditional logo designs do not always have to be uninteresting; with innovation comes fresh ideas to improve existing processes. By experimenting with numerous sorts of logos, especially moving ones, animated logo designs are the answer to all of the boredom. How exciting does it appear when logos change colours, sizes, or spin, enthralling customers?

Motion graphics pervades marketing across all industries and sorts of firms, from barely apparent in-app animation to entire promotional videos. Even businesses who were expected to have a more traditional appearance opt for a creative injection in the form of motivating animated videos and other types of entertaining motion design. Observing animation trends indicates that you have good taste. As a result, numerous businesses participate in the new wave of marketing techniques.

This year’s animation is responsive to worldwide design and technology trends, and it will continue to evolve quickly. In this blog, we’ll go over the top ten most outstanding animation and motion graphics trends that will be used in company design this year.


Designing a logo necessitates a level of creativity and aesthetic ability that not everyone possesses. Creating a fantastic logo takes a lot of time, patience, and perseverance. The best logos increase brand awareness, inspire emotions, create a positive first impression, showcase corporate insights or professionalism, communicate the brand story, and keep customers engaged.

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Following are some of the top trends of Animated logo design in 2022


1. Rotating Logo Designs

The most prevalent style of design used by businesses is a rotating animated logo, in which some aspects of the logo rotate. Customers are kept captivated to the screens by the humorous and vibrant patterns. Consider Giant Owl Productions, which uses static text while other elements move around. Short films, TV commercials, and programmes are produced by the company. The logo has revolving spheres with different radiuses to represent the reels and owl eyes blinking at the conclusion. Such designs attract customers’ attention while conveying important information about the company’s operations.


By using hidden and revealed logo design, businesses can excite their clients’ interest in learning more about the brand. This approach is commonly used in animated marketing videos before the story’s climax, and it improves the design and appearance of logos when used. Such logos may begin with the initials in the center and progressively reveal the complete name through motions, or the reverse. Delfina Foundation, a non-profit organization, raises awareness about its cause by hiding and revealing. The monogram logo fades away to an underlining, then reappears as sans serif initials with a D and F. It’s regarded as one of the most intriguing and efficient methods of attracting attention. Consider this trend, when you want your logo design to be effective when hiring someone for logo design services.


3. Thin Lines

In the video, lines serve several purposes. They direct traffic, define shapes, and even set the tone. Thin lines, on the other hand, play a particularly interesting role this year. Artists aim to make animations that look like real hand-drawn graphics by making them super-thin but extra-distinctive. It gives the videos a distinct look.

In 2022, the effect of linear art in animated videos has become one of the cutest trends. Many companies have used promotional and explainer videos to demonstrate the power of this trend.

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Morphing is another wonderful sort of animated logo design that is making headlines in the marketing sector. Business logos used to be uninteresting, but with technology advancements, everything appears to be more exciting. Consider LinkedIn, which employs a dynamic logo and wows users with its ingenuity. To develop perfect and original logo design services, the company used a Disney animation approach. It depicts a businessman throwing a suitcase in the air while walking; the “in ” transforms into the “linked,” and the rest of the name “LinkedIn” appears. What could be more perfect than a Disney-inspired logo design?


5. Kinetic Photography

Because of the significant risk of impaired readability, many designers are hesitant to experiment with fonts and typefaces. However, in 2022, they take on new typographic difficulties, defy established norms, and produce surprisingly good outcomes.

It appears that kinetic typography claims to go beyond the boundaries of traditional typography by encouraging letter stretching, bending, and distorting. What’s more, surprise! It is well received by the public. Ecommerce websites and mobile apps that use animated movies with kinetic typography attract more attention, make a brand distinctive, and exhibit outstanding performance.


Final Words

Logo design services is a crucial marketing technique that must be well-designed, developed, and implemented in order to attract your target audience. The finest custom logo design is simple, memorable, and one-of-a-kind, and it conveys the company’s message or key values in a seamless manner. Animation provides motion to any project you’re working on, whether it’s photographs, movies, or text. When used in combination with a logo, it causes a powerful response, resulting in increased business sales in the long run. It also improves customer experience and satisfaction, as well as brand loyalty. Consider animation the next time you’re designing a logo.

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