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Tips for identifying a premium leather belt

Tips for identifying a premium leather belt

We live in a world where personality is all about the way your dress up and carry yourself. A good belt can do wonders whether you are wearing a simple shirt or a proper outfit. Whenever a belt is worn with any kind of outfit, it is going to elevate it. We live in an era where fashion sense boils down to layering and pairing your outfit with the right kind of accessories. Belts will not just provide you comfort and convenience but highlight the overall outfit. Whether going to a party or just for a corporate event, you need to combine your outfit with the right accessories.

Belts play a considerable role in enhancing the overall outfit when we talk about men’s fashion. Even if you cannot buy an altogether new outfit for any event, you can just add a different belt to ensure some change in the outfit. A good belt can do wonders, and it is vital that when it comes to buying belts, men should at least have two to three suitable leather belts in order to club with every outfit. A good belt can always add functionality and style statement to the outfit.

Even if you are rushing to the office, you must combine your outfit with the right belt. Belts come in varying colors and textures, and it is regarded as the most functional accessory. There are specific belts that men need to keep in their Wardrobes. Premium leather belts of varying colors are a must; you can easily blend them with all types of clothes. Premium leather belts can be paired with different varieties of pants, shirts, and trousers. Even if you use them on a daily basis, they will not lose their shine and will stay the same.

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Before buying a leather belt, you must make the right choices because belts are actually very expensive compared to other types of belts. Nowadays, most manufacturers prove to provide you with premium belts, but they are dupes. We need to be very cautious before we make our purchases. Unfortunately, there are various replications of leather belts, often sold at lesser prices by retailers. These leather belts are of low quality, but the sellers claim that it is original leather. So in order to protect yourself from buying the wrong leather belt, here are a few tips that you can identify when purchasing premium leather belts:

Observe the way it smells: There is a very classy and earthy smell if the belts are pure leather. On the other hand, if the belt manufacturers have misled you, the leather belts will smell more like plastic. You can even take note of the other products, such as leather purses and shoes, to identify their smell. If the scent is the same, it is a leather belt. The synthetic belts sold in the market will be different from the leather ones.

Check the Trademark: The belts that are branded and are of high quality will hold a trademark. Most manufacturers will try hiding the trademark, and you will quickly know whether it is a leather belt or not. The leather belts that come in high quality are trademarked as genuine leather or full-grain leather belts. This is why you always need to identify the labels on the premium leather belts.

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Test the belt with water drops: One of the most genuine techniques adopted to identify the true nature of leather is by pouring a few drops of water on the belts. The water drops will soak inside the belt if it is a real leather belt. While in the case of fake leather belts, the water will never be absorbed. So, if you are looking for a leather belt, you need to figure by testing it with a few drops of water.

Observe the belt’s texture: We all know that there are multiple belts available in various stores. When we talk about premium leather belts, we have to be very sure of their texture while we are purchasing them. A good quality leather belt is going to come with a gleaming texture. If you are buying a grain leather belt, you will be able to notice that texture while running your hands on this belt. Only high-quality leather belts will come on a smooth and shiny surface. This is how we need to be very sure of the quality while making our purchase.


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