Tips To Choose Headphone According To Headphone And Microphone Specifications

To know how to choose the right headphones, you need to take into account not only the type of design, but also the technical characteristics of the gadget.

Headphone specifications


The standard resistance value is 32 ohms. The higher the resistance, the better the sound quality. But at the same time, you have to sacrifice volume. For professional headphones, the resistance can reach several hundred ohms. If you are looking for a headset to use with a tablet, phone or PC, then 32 ohms will be enough, since these devices do not have enough power.


When choosing a stereo headset, it is advisable to pay attention to such a parameter as the headphone power indicator (not to be confused with headphone sensitivity). It is not worth chasing large values ​​​​of the indicator, since such a device will quickly drain the battery of a phone, tablet or laptop. The power indicator must be within 100 mW.

Harmonic distortion level

Headphone specifications also include this parameter, which is measured as a percentage. High-quality headphones have a minimum distortion value within 0.5%.

Before choosing good headphones, be aware that devices with a ratio above 1% are considered mediocre.

There are cases when the percentage of harmonic distortion is not indicated on the packaging of the gadget, which you should pay attention to, since the manufacturer can thus hide the poor quality of its products. It is not recommended to purchase such a gadget.


Frequency range

The sound quality depends on how wide the boundaries of this parameter are. The human ear is capable of picking up sound within frequencies from 16 to 20,000 Hz. Therefore, the frequency range of the headphones must be within these limits. The optimal frequency for normal headphones is 20-20000 Hz. Gadgets selected in this way will reproduce deep bass and normal high frequencies. Recommend headphones with such frequency characteristics to your friends, and they will not be disappointed with the sound quality.

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If the packaging indicates frequencies below 16 Hz and above 20,000 Hz, then this can be called an advertising move by the manufacturer. It can be assumed that the gadget is capable of delivering such frequencies, but you will not benefit from this, since you will still hear sound in the range given by nature.


Thinking about which headphones to choose, you can get confused in the names of the parameters. The sensitivity of the headphones is discussed when a person in a store asks the seller to “advise headphones so that they have a high volume.” The higher the headphone sensitivity setting, the louder the music in the device will be. The sensitivity is considered normal, in the range from 90 dB to 100 dB (for budget gadgets) and higher (for expensive models) at a constant power level.

Microphone Specifications

Before you choose good headphones with a microphone, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics. Microphones in the headset are condenser and dynamic. If you choose according to the parameters, then the transmission quality is better for capacitor ones. Also, the microphone can be unidirectional (catches less third-party noise) and circular. The frequency range of a normal microphone is between 100 Hz and 16 kHz. It’s good if the microphone has a noise reduction function. You can avail soundcore cyber monday earbuds sales for a reasonable yet quality purchase.

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