Understanding threat levels and the appropriate use of AR500 body armor


Body armor such as ar500 body armor is an essential part of any tactical kit. It can keep you safe in dangerous situations, but only if you know how to use it properly.

Threat Level 3 Armor

Threat Level 3 armor is the minimum requirement for law enforcement officers and military personnel. It’s also suitable for use in a variety of other situations, including:

  • Protection against handgun threats
  • Protection against shotgun threats

Threat Level 4 Armor

Threat Level 4 armor is the most common type of body armor. It’s designed to stop common handgun rounds, including 9mm, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.

Threat Level 4 body armor offers protection against rifle fire as well as pistol rounds. The material used for this type of protection is more durable than Threat Level 3 because it can withstand higher temperatures and chemical agents (such as bleach).

Threat Level 5 Armor

Threat Level 5 Armor

Level 5 armor is the highest level of protection available. It’s capable of stopping multiple rounds from both rifle weapons and high-powered sniper rifles, as well as some armor-piercing rounds. This type of body armor is typically worn by military personnel serving in dangerous combat zones where they may be exposed to a variety of threats including small arms fire, explosive devices, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), mortar or rocket attacks and suicide bombers.

Know your needs and find the right armor

Now that you know the different threat levels and how they can impact your safety, it’s time to find the right armor for you.

  • Know your needs. The first step in finding protective gear is knowing what kind of threats you’re facing and what level of protection is necessary for those threats. This will help determine which type of armor will be most effective for your needs.*
  • Find an experienced dealer who specializes in body armor sales and service. A good dealer should be able to guide customers through their options without pressuring them into buying something they don’t need or want; if a dealer doesn’t have such experience, ask them where else they would recommend visiting before making any decisions about buying body armor.*
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Threat level 3 armor is the best choice for most people. It’s less expensive and more durable than other options, but it also doesn’t protect against bullets or stabs as well. Threat level 4 armor may be an upgrade for some people, but it still isn’t enough to prevent serious injuries from occurring in a violent situation. For those who want bulletproof protection from gun fire in addition to stab wounds or blunt trauma caused by falls down stairs or off buildings (especially those with children), then threat level 5 armor would be recommended.

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