Unsatisfied- a review of my experience with Clothing Manufacturing

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I’ve had direct contact in partnership with 2 Chinese suppliers for several years and have definitely gained some knowledge during the course of my work. But I recently hired an agent, to help me launch my brand new line of products and my experience has me in shock Therefore, I thought I’d share some of my experience and tips for working with an Agent.

Costs of Upfront Agency Fees.

 The agent should also wish for the relationship to be successful and should be prepared to defend their own claims and be willing to play the game to prove that they are able to deliver and pay their final fee prior to beginning production with them.


It’s so important to be specific about the specifications you need and get clarification on each specification. Make sure you have photographs of the samples prior to when they’re sent out so that you can offer feedback and make changes prior to wasting time and money waiting for the samples to arrive.

My latest item was part of a bedding line and I enlisted to assist me in sourcing the fabrics as well as the company. The fabric swatches I received postage stamp-sized, roughly cut pieces of fabric that were stapled to cardboard.

The cardboard sized to fit a credit card was so small that the post office had to discard it after just a few days. I was required to make a an initial decision about these items when I wasn’t able to try washing them or test the way that colors print on the fabric.

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The second sample fabric I was sent were four massive samples that were not labeled, which meant I couldn’t discern the things I needed to make an informed decision about.

stated that this was an “small oversight” but for an agent that specializes in clothing , the swatches of fabric are crucial and ought to have been more professional and simple to comprehend.

There were two swatches in the lot and I was left in a state of confusion after only a few weeks. Out of the 4 bedding samples I paid to be made, 3 were of poor quality and not suitable for me to offer. I was extremely disappointed , and even though I was offered another sample set I decided to decline.

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Do some research to confirm. It is better to ask your accountant as my accountant has noticed that my initial invoice from  included 13% tax added, however the second did not. I’m assuming I’ve been being charged Canadian taxes, which aren’t applicable since the service is delivered from outside Canada. The cost could be reduced by several hundred dollars had I been able to ask the question.


 I didn’t offer any recommendation, however part of my email to complain was made public on their site as a glowing review since it was removed from context. This is a huge breach of ethics and shows that the company doesn’t take my comments seriously.

Use your senses.

 I received more invoices in order to begin the first run of production prior to when I even saw the samples. Don’t be compelled to sign up for an order for a production run or to pre-order materials until you have had a look at the samples.

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 This contract is for 12 month, for which they’ve provided two months of service.

 I didn’t have to pay an excessive sum of money to have an agent who was offering no benefit. In the event that believe that they’ve acted in a manner that is to maximum abilities as a professional agent, they’ll have a problem regarding the longevity the business.

I hope this review can be of use when considering hiring an Agent, specifically Clothing Manufacturing Reviews

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