Unveiling the Elegance of Acoustics: The Marvel of BASOTECT™ by BASF

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Elegance of Acoustics


In the realm of architectural acoustics, innovation takes center stage with BASOTECT™ by BASF, and The Acoustics Company proudly stands as licensees of this cutting-edge technology. This article delves into the world of sound solutions, exploring how BASOTECT™ melamine foam revolutionizes acoustic experiences. The “Basotect” resonates through every facet of this exploration, underscoring its transformative role in the architectural acoustics industry.

The BASOTECT™ Advantage

1. Perfect Acoustic Solution

BASOTECT™ melamine foam stands as the epitome of a perfect acoustic solution. Whether it’s sound absorption, fire resistance, thermal insulation, or abrasiveness, this innovative material offers unparalleled performance, making it a go-to choice in the architectural acoustics industry.

2. Versatility in Applications

Melamine foam, available in various types such as Basotect® TG, Basotect® W, Basotect® B, Basotect® G+, and Basotect® UF+, showcases extraordinary versatility. Its open-cell structure, whether in light grey or white, ensures delightful room acoustics. This flexibility allows it to be used in its raw state or covered with various facings, painted, or printed, offering designers and architects a broad spectrum of creative possibilities.

3. Technical Excellence

BASOTECT™ is not just about performance; it’s about technical excellence. With fire ratings up to Class 0, maximum dimensions reaching 2500mm x 1250mm x 500mm, and a density standard of UF+ 9kg/m³, this melamine foam surpasses expectations. Excellent thermal conductivity, cutting tolerance of 2%, and Class A acoustic performance further establish its technical prowess.

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Key Features

  • Cost-Effective: BASOTECT™ is an extremely cost-effective solution, providing top-notch performance without breaking the bank.
  • Lightweight: Being extremely lightweight, it facilitates easy handling and quick installation.
  • Thermoformable: The material’s thermoformable nature adds another layer of design flexibility.
  • Abrasive: BASOTECT™ is abrasive, making it a durable choice for various applications.
  • Fire Performance: With high fire performance, it becomes a perfect fit for interiors where safety is paramount.
  • Versatile Applications: From wall panels to ceiling rafts, baffles, and more, BASOTECT™ finds applications across the architectural spectrum.
  • Flexible: Its flexibility addresses low to high-frequency issues, making it a versatile solution.

Technical Landscape: Understanding BASOTECT™

1. Available Foams

BASOTECT™ offers a range of foams, each tailored to specific needs:

  • Basotect® TG
  • Basotect® W
  • Basotect® B
  • Basotect® G+
  • Basotect® UF+

2. Fire Ratings and Maximum Dimensions

  • Fire Ratings: Up to Class 0, meeting stringent safety standards.
  • Maximum Dimensions: Impressive dimensions of 2500mm x 1250mm x 500mm, allowing for large-scale implementations.

3. Density and Thermal Conductivity

  • Density: Standard UF+ density of 9kg/m³, striking a balance between weight and performance.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Excellent thermal conductivity, enhancing its effectiveness in thermal insulation.

Ordering and Delivery: Streamlined Processes

1. Delivery Charges

  • Delivery charges vary based on the shipping country. Customers can calculate charges by placing products in the basket and using the “Calculate shipping” feature after entering their address.
  • Large orders merit potential shipping discounts, emphasizing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

2. Accepted Payment Methods

  • Card payments are accepted for convenience.
  • BACS payments are welcome, with funds needing clearance before dispatch.
  • Cash on collection is an option, offering flexibility to customers.
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3. Delivery Timeline

  • Goods are delivered within 10 to 14 working days from the order placement, ensuring a prompt and efficient process.

Conclusion: Transforming Soundscapes with BASOTECT™

As we conclude this exploration, it’s evident that BASOTECT™ by BASF is not just a material; it’s a transformative force in architectural acoustics. Its versatility, technical excellence, and cost-effectiveness make it a cornerstone in creating acoustic masterpieces. The Acoustics Company, as licensees of BASF BASOTECT melamine foam, stands at the forefront of this revolution, delivering innovation that resonates across soundscapes.

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