Washi Tape: What’s It All About? and the Most Effective Applications!

By Michael Caine 4 Min Read

Washi tape, a kind of low-tack flexible adhesive tape, was developed in Japan. Back in 2006, several Japanese artists discovered their industrial masking tapes and started using them into their practise.

The discovery of this novel use of the company’s product triggered a domino effect. A wider variety of gorgeous paper masking tape, designed for artistic purposes, was produced by the firm. If you are looking for custom washi tape, please visit our website.

If you’re wondering, “What Makes Washi Tape So Unique?”

Now that we know its origin story, let me tell you why washi tape is so awesome and why you should definitely include several rolls in your craft supply arsenal.

It’s brand new! The fact that Japanese masking tape, also known as washi tape, is relatively recent innovation is one of its most appealing features. The artists who were utilising Kamoi Kakoshi’s industrial tape had a stroke of genius, and the company’s new “MT” masking tape brand took off as a result.

Rapidly becoming the go-to material for artists of all stripes. Washi tape first appeared in 2006, but its popularity exploded in the years following, making it an indispensable item in every arts and crafts shop (and online too).

Specialized glue.

Traditionally, washi tape has a very mild stickiness. The adhesive makes the tape cling to any surface with relative ease and also allows for its clean removal.

Facilitated ease of usage.

Hand tearing the paper masking tape is simple. Depending on your intended use, washi tape may be trimmed in a variety of ways.

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Washi tape is also notable for being semi-transparent, allowing it to be stacked for a variety of visual effects.

Choices, options, options!

Washi tape may be found in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Easy as pie to adorn a card, phone case, or even a table or chair with. Crafters are always in search of new patterns, and patterns featuring flowers, charming creatures, cuisine, antique art, and cities are particularly popular. It is quite difficult to stop collecting once you have begun. You can always buy custom washi tape because they are the best and most popular compared to all competitors.

Do you aware of any drawbacks?

I’d want to mention that washi tape isn’t really functional. Decorative uses are where it really shines, but you won’t find yourself putting it on the shopping list the way you would stamps, envelopes, or anything similar.

But isn’t that the exciting part of doing things by hand? Taking some time off to indulge in the liberating experience of creation while ignoring the demands of daily life?

Washi tape offers a novel approach to quickly and easily adding colour and design to a wide variety of surfaces. Having a collection of spools on hand might spark creative ideas.

The Proper Way to Make Use of It!

A common use of washi tape is in the bullet journaling movement. Washi tape is your best buddy if you like using a bullet journal or paper planner for organisation purposes.

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