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Already at first glance, the width of the SUP boards is noticeable, which in contrast to the normal surfboard offers significantly more floor space. Also in terms of length,dancer longboard a Stand-Up Paddle impresses with stately dimensions. In the largest version, the Blumarina Stand-up Paddle Moana 2022 comes to about 325 cm. However, it can be transported comfortably in a small car, as the board belongs to the inflatable SUPs.

The surface finish also differs from the classic surfboard. Instead of a smooth GRP coating, special corrugated profiles are used to prevent slipping in wet conditions. A well-thought-out fin system brings the Stand-Up Paddle into the right balance and the low material weight also contributes to the fact that the SUP board is tilt-proof in the water. Thus, even beginners will find the best conditions to get out of the water into a standing position.

These are the advantages of Stand Up Paddling

Other advantages of a SUP board include the low entry price and the safe handling for beginners and advanced. Those who use the technique to stay fit also benefit from a gentle full-body workout.

Muscle building and endurance training

In calm water and weather conditions, locomotion with the Stand-Up Paddle succeeds without much effort. Nevertheless, the uniform movements with the paddle contribute to a strengthening of the cardiovascular system. Longer tours with the board thus increase endurance and the more intensive the rides, the more targeted entire muscle groups can be trained. These include, for example:

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  • Leg parts
  • Gluteal muscles
  • Abdominals
  • Back
  • Upper and lower arms

Constant heart rate ranges promote fat burning, which gives Stand Up Paddling another positive side effect.

Rediscover the surroundings

When windsurfing, surfing, or kayaking, a high level of concentration is required, as small carelessness can lead to a loss of balance. Not so with the SUP board, because this is safely in the water even with a stronger body inclination. This makes it possible to pay more attention to the environment. Passing rivers, shallow tributaries, and larger lakes is child’s play with the Stand-Up Paddle. In cool or standing waters, the stand height proves to be a further advantage in order to maintain a sufficient distance to the water surface. Clear visibility also ensures that you can look into the depths.


  • In summary: This is how athletes benefit from Stand Up Paddling
  • Lightweight boards with good transport options
  • Diverse forms of use
  • Water sports on almost every body of water
  • Locomotion without great effort
  • Training for different body and muscle parts
  • Good combinability of relaxation and endurance as well as weight training


For whom is Stand Up Paddling suitable?

Anyone who has ever attended a surf course or moved on a corresponding board knows the challenges of finding the right balance on the water. The difficulties begin mainly with the straightening of the body. Small uncertainties quickly lead to the fact that you find yourself in the water and have to start all over again. With the Stand-Up Paddle, however, such scenarios are now rare. During development, the main focus was on ensuring the safest possible stand. From sitting, the change to the standing position is much easier, because the SUP board is protected on all sides against a rapid overturning. The wide footprint, the comfortable length, and the fin system create the necessary balance.

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The advantages mentioned make the Stand Up Paddle particularly interesting for beginners who want to get around on the water. cheap longboards no matter whether it is the nearby bathing lake, shallow coastal water, or a low-flow river course: The Stand Up Paddle can be used on almost any water surface. The mentioned examples of the water types are suitable for beginners, as they can concentrate fully on the movement sequences on the SUP board. Stronger currents and waves, on the other hand, are less suitable for familiarizing yourself with the sport.

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