Wavlink Extender Firmware Update: What, Why, and How?

By Arslan Shah 5 Min Read
Wavlink repeater setup

Do you know what controls the hardware and software performance of your Wavlink WiFi range extender? It’s the firmware. In simple words, firmware is a program embedded in a Wavlink WiFi extender that maintains its overall functionality. A firmware, in general, carries a set of instructions needed for your Wavlink range extender to work. Want to know more about firmware? Read on.

If you are a novice, then you might confuse the Wavlink extender firmware with its software. But, know that software is designed to perform specific functions on your Wavlink extender. On the other hand, the firmware is used to carry out the core activities of your Wavlink extender hardware. To improve the functionality, Wavlink rolls out a new firmware that needs to be uploaded on the extender timely. In short, you should regularly do Wavlink extender firmware updates.

Moving on, let’s have a look at the importance of updating the Wavlink WiFi range extender firmware.

As mentioned earlier that the firmware consists of a code of the extender’s instructions, its update brings some changes to the program. These alterations are required for the Wavlink extender to work more proficiently and to fix the bugs. In addition, updating the Wavlink firmware enhances the security of the WiFi network.

With that said, updating the firmware of the Wavlink range extender is important. However, the benefits of upgrading the firmware are not limited to security and better efficiency. In the next section, we have discussed some other upsides of upgrading your Wavlink extender to the recent firmware version.

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  • The Wavlink extender firmware update provides a touch-up to your device with the advanced set of instructions without the need for updation in the hardware.

  • After doing the Wavlink firmware update, you get a chance to explore new features that are added to your extender. It will provide you with an enhanced user experience while managing or using the Wavlink extender.

  • The Wavlink extender firmware update optimizes the performance of your extender’s driver which further enhances the performance of the processor.

  • A few issues that might have developed in your Wavlink extender also get resolved due to the firmware update. Thus, the firmware update is one of the most effective Wavlink troubleshooting tips in fixing many extender-related issues.

  • After doing Wavlink firmware update, all the extender’s peripherals will work better together. All the delays will get eliminated resulting in the enhancement of overall performance.

  • Also, the need for expensive bug fixes gets eliminated with the Wavlink firmware update.

Considering that you have become aware of the advantages of updating the firmware, let us tell you how to know if your extender needs an update.

Your Wavlink range extender might need the firmware update in the following scenarios:

  • Your extender is not connecting to the router.

  • The Wavlink extender fails to detect the 5GHz frequency band.

  • Your Wavlink extender starts flashing red light.

  • You face issues accessing a lag-free internet connection with the Wavlink extender.

  • The Wavlink extender starts rebooting.

Wondering how to update the firmware of your Wavlink extender? Let us head over the process to do that.

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  • Download the firmware file for the extender on your PC.

  • Now, log in to your Wavlink extender using the default login details.

  • Thereafter, click Upgrade Firmware > Browse and look for the firmware update file.

  • Once found, select Upload and let your extender get updated.

What’s Next?

The digital world is undergoing everlasting changes and it is difficult to switch to a new device every time. Those changes are introduced to your Wavlink extender by the firmware update. These changes make your extender compatible with the newer ones providing the latest technologies on the same hardware. So, do Wavlink firmware update and enjoy accessing new features of your extender.

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