What Are Some Reasons Cable TV Will Not Die Out?

By Michael Caine 3 Min Read

More than 25% of people watching cable TV is switching to IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). Nevertheless, cable companies are doing their best to entertain existing customers. Depending on the current situation, you may need to change the algorithms and trading principles from the beginning.
The main difference is the price. IPTV and OTT customers are required to pay approximately $ 10 per month. Cable TV prices do not match IPTV OTT prices. Also in the next few years. Cable TV customers enjoy the services they offer to many viewers. You cannot switch to a new service and shut down your entire business and service to your old customers. With regard to the survival of
Cable TV services, it is currently difficult to confirm that the proportion of existing and new customers is declining. However, cable companies are working on a variety of features to counter this. Some of them are cable apps, Cindale, contract-free services, and customized packages-almost all are already on the market. This is a place where price factors can be met. But only the innovative solutions of cable companies can save it. Otherwise, cable viewers continue to rekindle their interests, which is a cheaper alternative to cable. For the
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People Still Love to Watch Cable TV
When it comes to the survival of the cable business, it’s not dying. We’ve already talked about how cable services are being challenged by the latest alternatives. But the industry can also make a living from online sales. Looking at the current situation, it is easy to predict that the OTT platform will prosper in the near future and the demand for the Internet will increase everywhere. 

Reasons Cable TV is still Best Option 

The cable companies are known to offer the cheapest internet over cable connections. If you pay, you can enjoy the internet and cable TV together. Find out why cable TV isn’t dying and why cable TV is on the verge of death.

  • Latest Technology is Expensive 

Wireless systems are better but more expensive. The 10Mbps package costs about $ 160 per month. Monthly packages of 30Mbps and 1TB are also available for those who can afford them and of course, need to use them.

  • Cable TV Premium Service 
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Cable TV providers may soon refocus on premium service billing. It sounds fair because you have to pay more for quality service. But companies can use it to create strong monopolies. What a smart move! It is now the responsibility of the regulator to monitor this situation.

  • Unlimited Data Plans  

Cable Internet always offers unlimited data usage on all plans
If you exceed your monthly data limit, you will have to pay a large amount of money as an internet invoice at the end of the month. However, cable companies have succeeded in improving their channel applications. For example, DOCSIS 3.1 has proven to be the best option for deploying multiple streaming and on-demand services. You manage everything so you can get your customers’ attention.

  • Sense of Competition 

Cellular networks that span 4G and 5G can create a sense of competition in the market, which further increases friction. Despite the high-speed Internet, it cannot always offer the same value as a wireless network. Cellular carriers work to improve services rather than helping other companies build a foothold in the market. Wireless networks have user data restrictions that will remain the same for the next few years.

Wrapping Up,  

Cable TV services cannot survive unless they continue to raise prices, engage in customer service, and proactively provide out-of-contract services. The cable industry is at the most sensitive stage of the timeline. Since its founding. People prefer cable alternatives because they can get more for less than half the price of cable services. Cable services are working on comeback solutions, but cable services, if not comebacks, are likely to survive these challenging times.


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