What are the constituents of a hot air oven?

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The role of an oven in our regular life is increasing day by day. Normally, ovens are utilized for household and laboratory purposes. The conventional gas ovens, convection ovens, conventional electric ovens, microwave ovens, and toaster ovens are used for household purposes, while hot air ovens are used for laboratories. Hot air ovens are supposed to be electrical devices used in the laboratory to sterilize using dry heat. Hot air ovens are also popular as “forced air circulating ovens”. When wet sterilization is not suitable, dry heat sterilization is done.

Normally a hot air oven is use to sterilize materials that are not meltable, that are fire-resistant or do not catch fire, or when expose to hot temperatures, the form of the materials is not change. The concept behind dry heat sterilization is simple. The outer layer of the item absorbs the heat, and then this heat is transferre to the inner layers of the item. Hence the entire process of dry sterilization is complete by dry heat. Hot air ovens are use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food textile, and beverage industries.

Constituents of a Hot air oven manufacturers india

The hot air oven looks like a box with four sides but constitutes the following:

  • Power switch: This is the main on/off switch that turns on/off the oven.
  • External Chamber: The external chamber of the hot air oven is make with powder-coated MS. An ideal option for using 304-grade stainless steel to make exterior walls will lead to efficient working.
  • Inner chamber: The inner chamber walls are make up of stainless steel.
  • Wool insulation: The gap between the inner and external chamber is fill will glass wool for insulation.
  • Shelves: Painted steel is use to make the shelves. These shelves can easily remove and fitt in the inner chambers as the connecting ribs are attach to the inner chamber. Normally a hot air oven can hold 2-3 shelves.
  • Doors:  The doors are make out of MS steel and include silicone gasket heavy hinges, a lock, and a strong handle suitable to open the door and close the oven door. The doors can open up to 180O.
  • Heating element:

  • The hot air oven manufacturers in India have ensured safety measures. The heating element in the hot air oven consists of chrome/nickel-plate nichrome wire and is place at the bottom and on both sides of the chamber. This sort of setup helps in providing efficient heating.
  • Ventilator: A hot air oven emits hot gases and fumes as the temperature inside the oven is high. The hot air oven is facilitate with appropriate ventilators on both sides of the hot air oven. These ventilators remove the hot gases and fumes and relieve the person working near the oven.
  • Heat circulator: For smooth and uniform rotation of heat inside the inner chamber, a noise-less fan is utilize, and this is require for proper air circulation.
  • Temperature sensor: This option provides information about the temperature inside the over and shows it on the controller screen.
  • Circuit breaker: Some safety instruments are install in the hot air oven for safe operation. The circuit breaker automatically turns the oven into an off mode to control the short circuits or overtemperature.
  • Audio and alarm instrument: The audio and visual alarms help the user by alerting when the temperature crosses the maximum limit.
  • Temperature controller: The temperature an hot air oven can handle ranges up to 250OC and can controll by digital control (also know as PID controller) or mechanical temperature control(also know as a rotary knob).
  • Load indicator: The oven consists of load indicators that indicate when the oven is overload.
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Benefits of the oven

  • As the shelves are make of stainless steel, cleaning shelves is easy and requires less maintenance.
  • The following things can be sterilize:
    • Powders like zinc oxide, sulfadiazine, and starch
    • Oil containing materials
    • Metal equipment like scissors, blades, and scalpels
    • Glassware like flasks, pipettes, Petri dishes, and test tubes
  • The hot temperature of the oven destroys the bacterial spores and microorganisms
  • The oven does not require water for the sterilization of material.
  • As hot air ovens are smaller, they can fit anywhere in laboratories.
  • Compared to autoclaves or other types of ovens, a hot air ovens works speedily and produces a high temperature.
  • The hot air ovens offere by Hot air ovens manufacturers india can be handle by anyone as the operating procedure is very simple.



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