What are the Trends for Living Rooms this Summer?

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Summers are the longest season and everything just feels dried up and hot because of the raised temperature outside. Mostly the interior designers follow the tricks and hacks to save the homeowner from surviving this long hot weather and this is the reason people living in the hot summers can survive well otherwise the chances were great that they would have been deprived of proper functioning of their house.

The summer season also has bad effects on the buildings like faded colours, wall damage, bad impact on the sustainability of the overall building and many other things but the interior designer has the idea of how to design a building that can withstand all these bad effects like they design any space that has good positioning when it’s the summer season to avoid the sunlight. The professional team present at Affordable Interior Designers in Dubai or Best Affordable Interior Design in UAE can guide you about the best interior design architecture to strive against the summer season. Here are some of the tips to make you understand how you can well arrange your house to beath these summers.

1)  Change the colours:

Mostly the chosen colours for the home decor are the bright colours to aspire the visitors but these colours can dull the actual picture of the home while there is hot weather outside. The interior designers recommend having natural colours inside like pale yellow, light blue, light green and pink etc to have a natural impact on the overall look of the house and to make it more aesthetically pleasing while there are minor changes needed within overburdening the financial status. Changing the paint colours is the most effective and easy one to get what you want in the summer season while doing it casually

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2) Add greenery:

Greenery is another most important element that can change the look of your house and have the capacity to add a pleasant look to your formal and outdated home design. The green plants can add a natural look to your home and for this purpose, you can have indoor plants, some gardening plants, flowering and many other plants as you know greenery has a very good impact on your mood to lift it and change into a good one.

There can be many ways to add greenery to your home decor as in you can have a large size or even small lawn or if not then you can have a rooftop garden that can change the front side view of your home. The greener view from a larger window will amaze you with its beauty and pleasant effect and can insist you to spend more time there if you are working or even just have a random tea time.

3) Add proper ventilations:

Adding properly sized ventilation can also add a fresh impact. Because it can make the fresh air allow to enter your home and make it more airy and well lighted. Large size large can be a good idea and these may be on the roof. Or in the shape of larger windows or normal venti space. These airy spaces can reduce the cooling costs of your home. Plus can add a natural cooling effect to your home without giving you extra costs burden. The larger ventilation can also be a greater source of natural lights. Which can lead to the ultimate good impact on the interior of your house. And it will certainly make your home look bigger which will help to look brighter. And more beautiful in the summer season.

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4) Incorporate the floral patterns:

Floral patterns can also be another addition to your home design. And they are a good source of adding natural effects as bigger, colorful shades on your wall. It May help to have a grip on your bad moods. The floral patterns are available in different colours, and sizes and they can also be in the form of wallpapers. That can ultimately lead to a natural look. These patterns are so easy to install even that you can do this by yourself without any issue. Or you can take the help from an interior designer to make it look like perfection.

5) Add more fragrances:

As we enter into any restaurant or formal sittings. We notice a sense of good fragrant that adds to the aesthetic look of that certain place. And you can also do the same to your home sittings in the hotter weather. When there might be any kinds of suffocating smells outside so these fragrances or fresheners can reduce their effect. And also it’s psychological proofed that fragrances can easily influence your moods. So you can easily choose these fresheners according to your taste. Like if you wish for strong or light fragrances so you can choose accordingly.


These are some of the tricks that you can adopt to brighten up your home space. This summer to cope with the hottest weather. And make your space a perfect one to look at it from a visitor’s view.

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