What Can and Can’t You Do During the Healing Period of Cartilage Piercing?

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Cartilage piercings are a unique trend and most celebrities are wearing helix earrings and upper cartilage earrings at awards shows and many functions. This fashion attracts you and you also want to wear this type of jewelry. Hoop earrings and stud earrings are commonly used in all types of cartilage piercings. Because of these piercings, people call them cartilage earrings, these are smaller than traditional earrings and available in single pieces.  Now cartilage piercings need care also, further, we will discuss how to care about cartilage piercing and when you can change the earrings.

Cartilage piercings make you look uber cool. Have you finally acquired the courage to go get one? Well, that’s exciting news! But the tricky part is the after-care routine. Are you aware of what you can and can’t do to make the piercing heal faster? If not, jump into this article to learn all about it and roam around with a cartilage piercing without the stress of pain and infection. 

Wash the Area

You will have to clean your piercing twice a day with saline solution. But before you clean the area, sterilize your hands and dry them. Put a cotton swab in saline solution and gently apply it on the sides of your piercing. Gently move the piercing so that the solution can seep into the hole. 

You shouldn’t use harsh cleansers to wash the delicate wound area. Anything with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol can cause irritation and cell damage. A saline solution is enough to clean the wound. You should also avoid ointments because they hinder air circulation. 

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Avoid Swimming

Dampness can create different issues for your piercing. Immersing it in unhygienic water bodies like lakes and pools can be even worse and cause severe infections. Even after a bath or shower, you should make the area dry with a paper towel. If you sweat too much, take precautions to prevent the area from dampening. 

Be Careful with Your Hair

If you have long hair, you need to stay extra alert after getting a cartilage piercing. Your locks might tug at the jewelry or get stuck. Tie a top knot to avoid them from tugging at your earring. 

Even while combing and washing your hair, stay extra careful not to irritate or move the piercing in any way. You should also avoid accessories like beanies and headphones that might press on the jewelry and lead to complications. 

Don’t Sleep on the Piercing

Be cautious about your sleeping posture. After getting a brand new cartilage piercing, you should sleep on the other side for a few days. Even if it stops hurting, be a little careful while sleeping. If you put too much pressure on the piercing, the healing process will stretch. 

Are you someone who tosses around a lot in the bed? If yes, embrace a U-shaped pillow after getting a cartilage piercing. These pillows allow your ears to stick out more than the regular ones. So, there’s a low risk of putting too much pressure on the piercing. 

Don’t Cover the Area

It’s a common misconception that using band-aids on piercing wounds is ideal for preventing infections. Putting pressure on the delicate and healing skin is never a good idea. It will cause irritation and increase the risk of infection. Therefore, say a big no to band-aids. 

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Change the Earring After Complete Healing

You might be eager to experiment with different types of jewelry for your piercing. But trying to change the earring before the piercing is completely healed will cause pain and bleeding. Wait for the delicate skin area to get better before you try out different looks. 

But what if your jewelry keeps snagging or you need to change it because of work rules? In that case, visit your piercer. They will be able to change the earrings without causing too much pain or hampering the healing process. You might end up causing damage to the wound if you change the jewelry by yourself. 

Don’t Pick at Crusties

While your cartilage piercing is healing, crusties will form around it. You might be tempted to pick at them. But please control this urge if you don’t want to inflict damage on the wound. Use a piercing spray to dampen the area. After that, clean the crusties with a paper towel or cotton swab. 

Ending Note

Since cartilage piercings are not on a fleshy part, they take a little longer to heal. But proper care will help you speed up the recovery process. After that, choose from stylish cartilage earrings to ooze eternal charm. Whether you want a stud or hoop, cartilage earrings are available with different types of gems to make you look like a diva. Get yours today!

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