What If a Self-taught Network Engineer doesn’t Know How to Do?

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Network engineers refer to intermediate technicians who are engaged in the plan and design of computer network systems, the installation and debugging of software and hardware of network equipment, and the operation, maintenance and management of network systems. The qualified personnel passing the network engineer examination can plan and design the network system, install and debug the software and hardware of the network equipment according to the requirements of the application department, operate, maintain and manage the network system, manage the network resources efficiently, reliably and safely,provide technical support and guidance for system development as a network professional,have the actual working ability and professional level of the engineer, and can guide the assistant engineer to engage in the construction and management of the network system.

Some people are very interested in computer network, so they download relevant materials on the Internet and start self-study.

However, small novice people or zero-based candidates often encounter a problem that they cannot understand when consulting network engineers. What should we do at this time?

As a  network engineer I would like to tell you what you should pay attention to when consulting network engineers, and what to do if you don’t know what to do when self-study?

  1. The most important thing in the learning process of a network engineer is to do experiments constantly

When we learn a technology by ourselves, we usually start from some basic theories. However, the industry of network engineers is a little special, especially in network technology. If you read only books and theories, you will find that it is a big learning experience.

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It’s very simple, because there are many theoretical things. If you don’t practice, you don’t understand why they operate in this way. So when you study, if you look at network engineering or network technology in a purely theoretical way, it’s easy to fall into this trap, which leads to more disappointment and less confidence.

How to solve such problems? In fact, the best way is to verify all theories by doing experiments, because all knowledge points of network technology can fully verify why this theory is like this and its principle and why it is like this by doing experiments. Only in this way can you have fun learning and want to continue learning

  • When learning network technology, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s certification.

Because there are many kinds of certificates for network engineers, if you learn something that is too purely theoretical, it will be very difficult for you to understand in the future.

So the best way is if you can learn from Cisco Certification or the learning system of Huawei network engineers, then you will find that the certification of these manufacturers is very close to the skills required by the actual enterprise, so they will have less theoretical requirements and higher requirements for your hands-on operation ability and actual combat ability.

  • Join the communication group of network technology

The biggest problem with self-study is that you don’t understand a technical link, but no one can guide you at this time. Maybe you spend three or five days. If you meet someone who knows a little about technology, maybe he can help you with it in five minutes. You will understand the principle of this technology instantly.

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So now if you have more communication groups engaged in network technology, it is appropriate for you to learn, because you will meet many friends who are willing to help you. They are very interested in technology and can help you to a certain extent.

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