What is an EICR Testing London? Do I need one? What is the Price?

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EICR Testing London

EICR Testing London is deteriorating over time. For example, key և sockets can be damage, cables can damage, and infrastructure and connections can be weak. In fact, it is often visually noticeable during EICR Testing London. This is provide to our customers as a free report. Deteriorating properties are identified in facilities with inadequate factors such as corrosive chemicals. Building debris, extreme temperatures, or poor service of tenants and landlords. To increase user safety, each facility should be inspect and test on a regular basis as recommend by BS 7671. 2008 (Rule 135.1). Regulation of power operation (1989) Rule 4 (2): “All systems must be protect to avoid danger.”

If there is no law on the condition of electrical equipment, EICR Testing London is recommend from the standpoint of responsibility and safety. Public rental properties in some public locations, such as theaters, restaurants, cinemas, clubs, and hotels. Usually have insurance electrical equipment reports. In addition, if you own the property, the tenant may be damage. Due to poor wiring or equipment, and the lessee may sue. If you are kill or seriously injure. You may sued for failing to maintain the electrical integrity of the building. This may be consider neutral.

What is EICR Testing London?

As his name suggests, this is a report, not a certificate. This applies to the evaluation of the operating condition of the electrical installation under inspection. According to the power generation requirements of BS7671 regardless of the installation period. Electrical installation status reports are very different from EICR Testing London. This is a stable device test as it is a detail inspection of the internal wiring of the building. Not the equipment.

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The findings, measurements, and values ​​produce during the electrical installation condition report are produce in the report. If necessary, appropriate recommendations for potentially extinct damage, deterioration, or observe defects. will be create. 

What do the terms EICR Testing London, Connect Wires, and Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) mean? 

Although the terms “confirm wiring test” and “regular inspection report” are use interchangeably. The above terms have been replace by the new term “Electrical Installation Condition Report” (EICR) due to confusion. Usually all three terms are the same. The reason for the name change is mainly due to the recent BS change. 7671: 2008 (IEE Wire Rule-17th Edition) 

In short, when there is this type of electrical test, the building wires are test and inspect. This is very different from the EICR test on stable equipment. This is because it is a detail inspection of the electrical condition of the building, not the equipment.

How many times do I need to create this temporary review report?

Whether or not direct by the Electrical Engineering Society. The final decision is to use engineering judgment, experience, and guidelines. To determine the frequency of testing as a starting point for government wireless decisions. 

  • IEE provides the next maximum time between tests.
  • Housing-10 years or moving
  • Commercial building-5 years or resettlement
  • Industrial facility-3 years
  • Residence-5 years or residence
  • Office, Shop և Laboratory-5 years

Contact us for more information on special facilities such as special facilities, cinemas, pools and caravan parks.

EICR Testing London will be happy to inform you of the appropriate test schedule and provide you with a quote base on your requirements. The test is perform according to the IEE rules.

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Electric MOT plays an important role in your business and property. You will not cause electrical problems, thereby saving money, and you will avoid expensive accidents for a long time. It is important to remember that you need an insurance electrical installation report. (that is, a temporary inspection report, inspection assignment).

  • Warranty and support for our regular և test
  • Experience and fully qualified City & Guilds Electrician
  • CRB certified engineer
  • Full range of BS 7671 (2008) tests
  • The print measurements are easy to read. Unreadable handwritten report.
  • If necessary, provide the scheme with identification, distribution board, and schedule.

We are a trust ICE NICEIC register member. և Government standard trust mark. NICEIC is one of the top five most trust regulatory agencies in the UK. If you would like a quote for a stable power supply. Please fill in the quote on the right or contact us by phone. At the same time, if you need a EICR Testing London, don’t look elsewhere. We also carry out EICR tests by experts.

Allow wire testing

Like many things in life, appliances are cut off over time. Damage to socket infrastructure damage to infrastructure. Cables are a common problem with uncontrol or poorly install electrical installations. Wire reports are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to solve electrical problems. In-depth investigation identifies potential disruptions, shortcomings, and damages and suggests the changes need to address the issue.

We have a team that embodies friendship and professionalism. London Property Inspections can give you cheap and easy electrical reports. We give you peace of mind and potential to Protect you from danger. It is important to test the wires on a regular basis and make adjustments as need. EICR Testing London with stable wire testing, you don’t have to worry about wire deterioration.

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