Why Choose Illuminated Signs For A Business

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Illuminated signs are a great choice for any business because they make it easy for people to find your business, stand out in the dark, and have many styles to choose from. Android advertising displays guaranteed you find illuminated signs that fit your preference and budget. 

Illuminated signs work perfectly for night or dim days that stand out if they are located outside your building. These signs are easy to read, making them more accessible with different design choices.

Reasons To Choose Illuminated Signs For Your Business

While considering a sign for your business, must choose the best one for your business over many options. However, one thing that works greatly is a sign that shines with good reason. Here we’ll go over a few benefits of illuminated signs below:

Easily Seen At Night Or During Low Days

If your business works at night then you need to consider a bright sign because it can be seen easily in the dark. This can help catch the attention of passers-by who don’t know your store or office location on a dark evening or an extra cloudy day.

In addition, if your business hours are the traditional 9 am to 5 pm, bright signs are good to benefit your business. For example, during long and cold Ontario winters, it sometimes gets dark early at 4:30 p.m. So, an illuminated sign will ensure on those dreary and dark winter days, your customers and clients can see you.

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Sometimes, days are darker due to clouds, bad weather, or the position of the sun. These are natural things that no one exactly knows, so it’s great to have a sign for your business that performs well regardless of the nature condition.

Stand Up If Your Building Is Located Out Of The Way

Some businesses are located in the perfect location. However, many buildings and offices are located on corner lots, on streets, or behind other large buildings.

So, here a bright sign ensures your business location and your business will be seen from far away. If a customer can’t see your entire sign from a certain position, they’ll be able to make out all of the logos, letters, or other information that’s enough to tell them where you are.

Easy To Read

Illuminated signs are always easier to read into a large parking lot or a particular store which helps you to slowly peer through several buildings. A bright sign creates significant contrast between the sign and its background which makes it stand out more.

Ensuring that there is adequate contrast between your sign letters and the sign background makes your business sign easier to read and more accessible for visual impairments.

An Attractive Sign Choice

An illuminated works for your business very well. Your sign is often the first thing a new customer sees about your business. Choosing an illuminated sign is not only a practical choice but also a stylistic one. 

Android advertising displays can be illuminated to flash different colors, create contrasting shadows, and recreate classic shapes, e.g. retro neon signs. When you choose a bright sign, you are choosing a sign that looks attractive and professional, making a great first impression.

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Different Types Of Signs That Can Be Illuminated

Almost any type of sign can illuminate what you choose. Since every business needs signs, it is important that most styles of business signage come with different options for lighting.

Below are some popular types of business signs that can be illuminated.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are sturdy and tall signs often used to advertise several businesses within an area. They can easily be backlit, front-lit, or lightbox styled.

Monument Signs

Monuments are lower to the ground. With memorial signs, they can illuminate within the sign, or skylights can install around the sign to help create the effect of lighting.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are an extremely attractive sign option that is perfect and customizable for both interiors and exteriors. These types of signs can be backlit, front-lit,  or both and can also be placed on a sign background that can also be illuminated.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs are types of illuminated signage that help customers to find their way around your building. Indoor signs such as office identification, room numbers, washroom signs, and other indoor signs are all forms of wayfinding. Wayfinding signs are illuminating to help business signs stand out even in the crowd. 


At Signword, we can help you find the perfect Android advertising display for your business. We can help you, whether you need a small illuminated sign for your building or a complete signage replacement. 

We have years of experience in serving a wide range of signage services, including installation, maintenance, and custom signs for your business.

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