Why do leased lines exist?

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A Leased Lines Birmingham is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth internet connection. This provides reliable internet access for data-hungry businesses with guaranteed upload/download speeds, uptime, resilience, and uptime. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) can rent a connection directly. This service is more than standard broadband. These are just a few of the unique characteristics of lease lines.


Leased lines must be symmetrical. They should have the same upload speed as their download speeds. Uncontended connections that aren’t shared with others can be called leases lines. They connect two points, such as an ISP or a business location.

We all know the basics of an internet connection. Once we return home, we connect our phone, tablet, or TV to the internet. We stream, browse, then download and then disconnect . If everyone is doing the same thing, the connection may be slow. These connections are called “concurrent”, which means bandwidth is shared among users within a specific area.

With a dedicated leased line, you have all the bandwidth that you require. Peak hours will not affect your connection.

It is likely that you are familiar with the negative impact slow internet connections can have upon your business. Slow internet connections can make it difficult to download large files and hold conference calls.

Symmetric vs. Asymetric

Leased Lines may also be “Symmetric”, and therefore are not subject to contention. This is unlike traditional asymmetrical broadband like ADSL, which can reduce upload speeds to allow for higher download speeds.

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Fiber optic broadband is different from leasing a line. Fiber optic leased lines send pulses of light down a fibre optic cable. Each end of a fiberoptic cable is continuously searching for light. These are digital data’s binary 0s and 1s. The equipment on one side will turn on or off lights to indicate 1s or 0, while the equipment on the other side will recognize this and record it.

Leased Lines Birmingham

Data travels at light speed. This data cannot be sent faster than this. Speed is limited only by the speed at which equipment can detect or send light.

Leased lines Birmingham differs in that it’s leased to a business. This connection to the ISP is only for that company and not shared with thousands.

What are the different leased line options?

These are the most popular categories for leasing lines. Pay attention to the confusing synonyms that are used for each category.

Full Fibre (also known as “Fibre Ethernet” and “Ethernet Access Direct”)

This is the “big daddy”, in internet connections. This provides an extremely fast, direct ethernet connection using 100% fiber optic cables from the business premises to ISP. It can deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps, with 10Gbps currently being tested. This is the fastest and most reliable but also the most costly.

Traditional copper networks are used to connect businesses. The exchange then connects them with full-fiber Ethernet. This connection is appropriate for businesses without a fibre cabinet nearby. To offer a stable service, it employs an aggregated copper pair. When one pair of copper fails, the other takes over. This service offers symmetrical speeds and resilience. This is a mid-priced alternative that is less expensive.

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Ethernet over FTTC

Businesses with local fiber-based cabinets can use EoFTTC. It is less expensive than EFM. It uses a mixture of copper fiber. Distance from local cabinets can cause a drop in speed (since the last section connecting to the cabinet is made with copper pairs). Many providers offer this connection as an asymmetrical one. The speed of the download can also be increased beyond the original upload.

Do you require a leased telephone line?

Businesses may find leasing lines attractive initially due to their speed. Superfast internet access is essential in this age of cloud service adoption. But speed isn’t the only reason dedicated connections become essential infrastructure for many companies. VoIP business communication and telephony are better served by an asymmetrical connection. Faults can often be resolved in hours, rather than days with fixed connection SLAs. SLAs are essential for businesses that depend on data to manage their day-to-day operations.

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