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A projected residential district is New Metro City Gujar Khan. Furthermore, it is the project of BSM construction companies. Following the completion of New Metro City Kharian, BSM builders built New Metro City, a technology location in Gujar Khan. Therefore, this Society’s features and architecture are equivalent to New Metro City Kharian. The advantage of buying in this neighbourhood is h  is that it is positioned on G.T Road near the city of Gujar Khan and is convenient to prospective locals and visitors, making its placement incredibly appealing.

This residential development will benefit New metro city gujar khan city because it is the first production line in the region that provides all essential or more fantastic amenities.

Perfect Location

Overlooking twin cities, New Metro City Gujar Khan has situated in an excellent and prominent area. The foremost G.T. Road, the Mall of Gujar Khan, the Punjab College for Commerce, and the THQ are all within easy driving distance of the New Metro City Gujar Khan, which is also convenient from the twin cities’  Railway Line. Therefore, people considering investing have an advantage because of this ideal venue. Moreover, there are many vital sides of twin cities connecting to this residential venture.

Legally Authorized

The no-objection certificate is an official record demonstrating the viability of a residential building or other commercial project types. Additionally, the development’s creators want to make the home development lawful. Tehsil Municipal Administration has authorized this Society NOC. Therefore, the likelihood of this project is completed and making more money is increased.

Renowned Developers

BSM Builders PVT LTD, a reputable and most recognized real estate company, controlled by Mr Bilal Bashir Malik, the family member of well-known billionaire Malik Riaz, is the proprietor and builder of this residential Society. Shareholders have been drawn to this outstanding and famous repertoire since the developers have already completed projects at Golf City in the port of  Gwadar, New Metro City in  Kharian, and Sarai-Alamgir. Builders will deliver the most upscale and successful project at the most affordable price. Due to the enormous popularity of the previous projects, the proprietors have created this neighbourhood, another exceptional architecture. The reputable builders and owners are a strong justification for investing in the home plan.

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Amazing Features

The Society offers luxurious facilities and services for reasonable prices. Any opulent futuristic multifunctional development, referred to as a whole residential project, includes the amenities. At affordable prices, the neighbourhood offers contemporary conveniences and conveniences. The amenities are a component of any wealthy, modern, versatile development that might be considered a complete property development. Additionally,  the provision of Jamia Masjid, health care and educational facilities are all the best features of any residential Society.

Moreover, the beautiful location of the Society, there are amazing landscapes and greenery around the neighbourhood, which makes the Society eco-friendly. In addition, in Society, there is an eight-lane boulevard which is a beauty of the area. Moreover, there is a constant provision of the essentials in the Society, like there is no load shedding in the supply of water, gas and electricity. The neighbourhood has a beautiful infrastructure. There are beautiful playgrounds, shopping centres, sports clubs, theme parks, and many more for recreational activities. The other fundamental issue nowadays is security. The  Society’s management installed surveillance cameras throughout the Society, and exceptional security guards had appointed to protect the neighbourhood. For more info about Bsm developer gujar Khan contact us on this link.

Great Investment

New Metro City is a new financing possibility located in Tehsil Gujar Khan, where profitability is exceptionally high. The home development is close to G.T. Road of the prominent Gujar Khan and seems easily reachable via one of the busiest roads in the twin cities. The payment is affordable and won’t break the bank. The community is already profitable and open to members of the upper elite and those from lower socioeconomic status.  Investing in New Metro City Investors in Gujar Khan will benefit from dependable cash reserves, excellent yields, and profitability. In addition, the new metropolis offers various industrial investment and workforce opportunities to help you grow your company and investments and wallow in earnings.

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Reasonable Prices

Due to the extreme consumer needs for the NMC Gujar Khan, the community is currently in the initiation phase and has announced a payment arrangement from before. The reservations are moving along at a very rapid pace. Therefore, investors consider the payment schedule to be very reasonable. Pre-booking confirmation is available from NMC Residential Development Gujar Khan for sensible rates. Everyone is sure that investments with such low-profit margins and competitive rates would be very successful and provide revenue in the future.


In addition to improving the neighbourhood’s environmental responsibility, the developers of New Metro City would also enhance the locals’ quality of life. The boundary wall encircles this housing complex and transforms it into a gated community that provides inhabitants unparalleled security. Housing plots have expressly specified a sizeable amount of the total surface area, and builders want to build financial sector allocation. Moreover, Society offers a variety of asset dimensions to satisfy consumer needs. The neighbourhood strives to be a fantastic project that stands above its rivals by providing first-rate characteristics and conveniences. The cost of real estate will be readily available once the builders have finalized and presented the investment choices.


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