Withdrawal of participants and ties

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Withdrawal of participants

When a competitor – either individually or as a team – withdraws before the start of the event and does not participate, bets relating to the same are declare void regardless of the reason (injury, withdrawal, disqualification, suspension or any other circumstance), except in the event that an official result is announce that disqualifies the participant chose by the client in his bet, by the rules of the competition in question and a winner of the event is indicate. If the competitor participates in the event, even if he does not participate in its entirety, the bet will remain valid.

In the case of bets on horse and greyhound racing, participant withdrawals receive a special treatment that is deal with in Chapter 2, section 2.3 of these General Conditions of Contract regarding the specific rules for bets on horses and greyhounds.

Ante-post bets on future events

Bets on future competitions in which the participants are generally not know at the time of placing the bets are call”advance” bets. For this reason, these bets receive a special treatment compared to the rest of the bets.

“Pre-op” bets are available for the following events:

  • Horse racing before the final declaration of participants (48 hours before the start of the race).

In the event that there is a tie between two or more participants, a multiplier has not been established for the tie and the official rules of the competition or event do not designate a clear winner, the amount of the prize that would correspond to a winning bet is divided by the total number of participants who have tied.

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That is, in the case of two tie teams or athletes, the amount of the prize obtain will be reduce to half that establish at the time of placing the bet. In the case of three tied teams or athletes, the amount of the final prize obtained will consist of one third of the original and so on.

Example: On a winning bet of €10 on a horse with a multiplier of 5.00 the prize amount would be €50. If there is a tie between two horses, the 꽁머니 would become €25 by dividing the prize amount between two.

  • Bets on greyhound competitions up to and including the semi-finals. In other words, these types of bets are not allow after the semifinals or for bets on individual races.
  • Sports competitions before they start (such as betting that a tennis player will win a tennis competition when the participants in it are not yet know), with the exception of bets on individual matches, single-player competitions race (for example a marathon) or betting on a specific stage/phase of a competition (such as betting on the semi-finals).


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