5 Best Roblox Ninja Legends Elements For Beginners

By Zain Liaquat 5 Min Read
5 best Roblox Ninja Legends elements for beginners

Ninja Legends, Roblox’s ninjutsu-inspired game, is a training simulator created by Scriptbloxian Studios. The game is easily one of the best on the platform, with over 1.5 billion visits from all over the world.

On a single server, up to 20 people can compete in the fighting genre. The level of a player’s ninjutsu determines their power in Ninja Legends. The main goal here is to train their ninjutsu in order to acquire weapons and ranks. The latter can be obtained from the game’s in-game store.

5 Best Roblox Ninja Legends

To help our readers, especially beginners, we’ve compiled a list of the top five elements in Roblox Ninja Legends that are ideal for the task. The options listed below may also be beneficial to veterans.

1. Lightning Element

The Lightning Element is found in the first wave of all elements in Roblox Ninja Legends. Players who are Golden Sun Shuriken Legends or higher are eligible to obtain it. The Lightning element is the most similar to the Electoral Chaos Element in appearance, and it gives one a light green aura.

Players who master the Lightning element will receive the following benefits:

  • x2 all rank multipliers
  • 10% cheaper swords
  • x10 global multiplier

3. Inferno Element

In Roblox Ninja Legends, the Inferno Element is also found in the first wave and requires a Golden Sun Shuriken Legend or higher. The Inferno Element bestows a golden yellow aura on the players.

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Players who master the Inferno Element will receive the following benefits:

  • +1 Pet Slots
  • 25% Faster Chests
  • x5 Global Multiplier
  • 10% Cheaper Ranks

3. Frost Element

The Frost element in Roblox Ninja Legends, like the others mentioned above, belongs to the first wave. Players must have a rank of Golden Sun Shuriken Legend or higher to unlock this Element. They have an electric blue aura due to the Frost Element.

Players who master the Frost Element will receive the following benefits:

  • All Hatched Pets Start at ‘Immortal’ Evolution
  • 25% Cheaper Cloning
  • x5 Global Multiplier

4. Shadow Charge Element

In Ninja Legends, the Shadow Charge Element is found in the second wave, as opposed to the first. To unlock this element, players must have a Rank of Dragon Evolution Form V or higher. Shadow Charge is the best second wave Element for a beginner because it grants a dark purple aura in-game.

Players who master the Shadow Charge element will receive the following benefits:

  • Swing Swords 25% Faster
  • Hatch 2 of each pet (Stacks with x3 Pet Clones Gamepass)
  • x5 Global Multiplier

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5. Masterful Wrath Element

Another element in Ninja Legends’ second wave is the Masterful Wrath Element. To obtain this Element, players must be ranked Dragon Evolution Form V or higher. Aside from that, the Masterful Wrath Element bestows a dark blue aura on the user.

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When a player masters the Masterful Wrath element, they will gain the following benefits:

  • +1 Pet Slot
  • +15 Pet Storage
  • x5 Global Multiplier
  • 10% Cheaper Ranks

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Element is an in-game perk in Roblox Ninja Legends. You can obtain these by visiting the Altar of Elements. There are currently nine elements and five waves in the game that require different ranks to master.



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