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It’s almost impossible to find the best anime, given how diverse and sprawling the medium is. We did something different instead. We searched through hundreds of Japanese shows in order to find the 5 most important series that both veterans and newcomers should see.

Here are 5 of the most exciting anime series to be seen in 2022. We’ve included everything you need to see before you dive into the weirder and more wonderful parts of anime. Cowboy Bebop and Death Note are just a few of the many anime we have. This is just the beginning. You might just be minutes away from finding your next favorite series.

5 Latest Anime Series


MitsuoIso, Dennou Coil director, returns to anime with The Orbital Children. The anime is six episodes long and was released in Japan as two feature films. It tells the story of five children who are stranded on a commercial space station at the brink of disaster. Iso and his team weave a coming-of-age story through a rich tapestry of world-building and beautiful animation. This anime is a masterpiece with rich, beautiful visuals that will delight both first-time and repeat viewers alike.


Hypothetically, if we lived through a year of despair, one might be grateful for Healer Girl. YasuhiroIrie, who also directed Fullmetal Alchemist, the GOAT, directed this original anime. It follows three young girls as they train to become “vocal medicine” healers. You can easily find Hearler girl on Tubi Tv Apk and watch without any disturbance.

Healer Girl is a similar character in my anime rotation. It is small, contained, and nourishing. While that might not be what everyone is looking for in their Shojo adventures, it does offer a great selling point. The show’s art direction offers many rich rewards. Irie’s keen eye ensures that every scene is as expressive as possible. She alternates between the larger scope and finer details.  A new beat is set to each episode of Healer Girl’s magical, lush singing style.

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Ya Boy Kongming! The story of Zhuge Liang Kongming is about a third-century Chinese strategist and statesman who wishes to be reborn in peace on his deathbed. Kongming draws his last breath and finds more than he expected when he wakes in an alleyway in Shibuya, Japan on Halloween night. A pair of partygoers entice Kongming to a nightclub because he believes he’s in hell.

There, he meets Eiko, a part-time bartender, and aspiring singer. Kongming is moved to tears by her beautiful singing voice and is unsure what to do next. He volunteers to be Eiko’s manager, using his military tactics to guide her young career. AnimixPlay offers this series for free and without any ads.

Every episode of Ya Boy Kongming! It has been an absolute blast. Kongming is a smart manager and a skilled decision-maker, using old war strategies to attract new audiences and foil underhanded competitors to recruit reluctant allies through his freestyle rap skills. The show’s heart is its ability to bring together characters through their shared love of music.

It also offers the opportunity for hilarious comedy in watching Kongming adapt to modern living despite being many centuries out of tune. The series’ iconic title song, a Japanese cover Hungarian pop song “Bulikiraly”, is also a great meme.


This is a very similar situation to Squid Game. In each episode, the Tomodachi Game teens are tied to a mysterious underground game, they are in debt, and they are in danger of losing their lives. While the latter deals with economic anxiety the former uses it as a cudgel. playing a few rounds of poker so that one of their friends can get out of debt. With only a few episodes to our credit, we realize that friendship is the main currency of the Tomodachi Game. With that camaraderie, there are many secrets.

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Tomodachi Game doesn’t have great animation and can be quite confusing in terms of its pacing. It’s the type of anime that makes you want to go back to the manga just to find out where it is heading. It’s tempting if you are like me and want to see the drama of people ping-ponging each other. All these sizzling threads are leading to what? There is no place better, and I can’t even wait.

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Three seasons later, Kaguya Sama: Love is War’s setup still feels fresh. Kaguya’sama is the story of class president Miyuki Schirogane, and vice president Kaguya Chinomiya, two intelligent, ambitious students who decide to play a game that forces one another to confess their romantic feelings. They fell in love with each other, but they refuse to give up. The hilarity grows as the cast expands, including colorful characters such as peppy Fujiwara and Ishigami (a gamer loner), and Miko (goody-two-shoes Miko), just to name a few. Kaguya’sama is able to outdo itself every week in secondhand embarrassment. Every week that turns into something heartfelt and adorable, it becomes something truly amazing. While Shinomiya’s romantic relationship with Shirogane remains the heart of the story, the friendships formed between the student council members as well as the others in their lives are just as powerful and moving.

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