5 Modern Flower Vases That Can Become a Style Statement For Any Home

By Zain Liaquat 5 Min Read

Beauty comes in all shapes and forms, but there is hardly anything as naturally beautiful as flowers in this world. Having some freshly cut flowers in your home can not only change the ambiance and the vibe of your place, but it can also make your home look beautiful. They are a great form of interior decoration, cheap and natural too. But you need the perfect flower vase to store your flowers. You can find numerous types of flower vase online, but if you want a truly unique, modern, and stylish piece, Woodenstreet is the place for you.

Woodenstreet has a wonderful selection of crafty, stylish, and long-lasting flower vases that can make your home look absolutely stunning. If you are looking for a sleek flower vase for living room, or a rather big flower vase for your bedroom, you can choose from these amazing options available at Woodenstreet:

Set of 2 Metal Wire Glass Tube Vase

flower vase

This is one of the most stylish and unique flower vase for living room. Made with metal and glass, this product has a tube-like structure in the middle to hold your flowers.  A perfect product to display during any function or festival, this one has gained a lot of popularity on Woodenstreet. Its unique, sleek shape is what makes it stand out of the rest, and maintaining this vase is so nothing short of a breeze.

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Hex Shape Metal Wire Glass Tube Vase Golden

flower vase online

Hex-shaped vases are not very common, which can make your home look absolutely stunning. This vase is made of metal as well, and captures the modern vibe, making it the perfect choice for homes that have a modern décor. Another great thing about this vase is its affordable rate, so you can buy it without having to burn a hole in your pocket. It is available in two colors- a ravishing golden and a sleek black, and it can blend in your décor pretty smoothly.

Red Metal Enameled Vase

flower vase for living room

If you are looking for a rather classy piece, with an elegant vibe then this is the product you should go for. The beautiful red color can make this vase a talking point in your house when you host events, and the solid design makes it look properly classy and stylish. It has a simple look to it, so if you want something that captures the right vibe and doesn’t look too flashy or out there, then this flower pot for living room is the best fit for you.

Short Deidra Vase Matt Gold and Black Wood

flower pot for living room

With a royal, luxurious vibe, this corner big flower vase for living room can make your home décor look lavish and elegant. It is hard to find products that capture luxury like this one, which makes it one of the most sought-after pieces here at Woodenstreet. The golden color can blend in homes with a neutral color palette, and it makes a wonderful choice for offices just as well as it does as a corner big flower vase for living rooms.

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Silver Colour Round Steel Vase

big flower vase for living room online

This is easily one of the most offbeat, unique, and special pieces available at Woodenstreet. Made with high-quality metal, this product shines so bright that it simply outshines all the others. If you are looking for a big flower vase for living room online with a simple but catchy look, then you should definitely check out this product. It is also quite durable, and a good choice for families with kids.


Flower vases can amplify the beauty of any home, and if you are looking for a small or big flower vase online, you should definitely check out the collection at Woodenstreet. The choices are amazing here, and you can definitely find a great fit for yourself at an affordable rate.

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