5 Stimulating Global Use Cases of Executing an Address Verification Service


Multiple enterprises went online with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe. This shifted the dynamics of working operations for many businesses as people were confined to staying indoors. This caused them to purchase the essential products digitally. Delivering those products created a nuisance for multiple companies. People started to fill in fake addresses which were non-existential in the real world. Mistyped addresses, or non-updated addresses created problems for the companies while onboarding new customers. This upsurge in the rising number of chargebacks and misplaced deliveries caused businesses to find adequate solutions for keeping fraudsters at bay. Implementation of an online address verification solution verifies the client’s address before a shipment is dispatched. Not only does it save the parcel to be resent back to its actual customer. But it also keeps the customer satisfied while sending the product within the estimated time frame. 

Digital Address Verification Services Optimizing Businesses


Manually entering the address information can be prone to a ton of dangerous factors. It is because fraudsters commit crimes from an actual location that needs to be detected to combat them. 

Complex procedures of checkout can easily frustrate individuals as modern technology has changed their expectations demanding a hassle-free experience online. 

  • By digitally verifying an address, companies can save time from rejecting the registration of customers constituting fake addresses automatically before a purchase is made. 
  • In addition to this, automated address suggestions can improve the services of a brand as customers will be presented with address suggestions referring according to their desired locations. 
  • Therefore, as competitors are implying new techniques for uplifting their business operations, it has become a necessity for companies to address verify their clients for protecting against any threatening consequences. 

Various Kinds of Global Use Cases of Enabling an Address Verification System


To verify addresses of the customers, many companies are showing reliance on the address verification systems which have gained immense popularity in recent times. Some of the global use cases of enforcing the process of verification of address are listed below:

  1. Anybody who needs Parsing

Address verification services are becoming effective with the incorporation of the natural language processing service (NLP). This helps the system analyze and interpret data in online devices. Raw addresses of the individuals are extracted to convert them into an official address recognized by the United States postal services and other global carriers. This will permit the senders to encounter any unnecessary cost of returns.

  1. Effectual Background Checker

It is vital for businesses to check the background of the customer before onboarding them to reveal any suspicious past events associated with the client. Crimes committed from any location linked with a user can indicate them as a high-risk individual. Frequent unusual transactions made by a client residing from various locations can be dubious putting compulsion on businesses to validate address of their customers by conducting background checks. 

  1. Logistic Companies

Third-party logistic companies commonly termed 3PL provide relevant logistic and transportation services consisting of distribution, warehouse services, and much more. These third-party logistic companies charge delivery fees while delivering the products to the customer which makes it mandatory for the companies to address verify their client from mitigating the risks of chargebacks and returned shipments costing companies to pay the logistic companies double fees. Thus, they should verify addresses of the client before leaving their warehouse prior to shipments.

  1. Online Brands

Due to the prevalence of the global pandemic, many e-commerce businesses have launched their websites which have made e-shopping a new normal for customers. Verification of address is essential regarding this as it will help in detecting and omitting those addresses that are fake. Moreover, it will help the system to automatically update the address.  of the previous customer without the need to go through bulks of documents. The checkout process will be halted if any error gets detected automatically. 

  1. Vacation Rental Services

Home-shared vacation rental services can reap benefits by executing an address verification. 

Service for pinpointing the location submitted by the user. It will help in diminishing the false addresses while providing the advantage to the customers to be capable of relying on the listed address.  For the property that has been reserved. 

Wrapping it Up

Businesses have to deal with different types of people, data, and vulnerabilities on a daily basis. This has indicated a dire need for address verification services to be implemented. Validating the address of an individual is necessary as it omits any fake addresses before onboarding new clients. Firms must not neglect it as it can play an integral part in uplifting business reputations, improving risk assessment. and preventing costs consumed in returned parcels and other relevant illicit crimes. 


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