A complete overview of CCNA certification

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In this article, you’d be getting a complete overview of the CCNA certification- including its definition, advantages, importance, general questions, and a recommendation for a CCNA course in Coimbatore.

What is CCNA?

CCNA, short for Cisco Certified Network Associate, is a networking certification that covers the basic principles of networking. These basic principles include automation, IP services, basic security principles, and programmability. The certification is valid for three years and requires recertification.

What is CISCO?

Cisco is a multinational company based in America, with headquarters located in San Jose. Cisco generated around 48.9 billion USD as revenue in 2021. The company provides high-tech services and products like telecommunication equipment, networking hardware, software, and more. Cisco saw a growth of 500 million USD in revenue from 2020 to 2021.

Features of the Examination

To get the CCNA Course In Dallas certification, one needs to clear the 200-301 exams. Let us review some of the features of the examination.

  1. Cost

The cost of taking up a CCNA exam is 295 USD per examination, as per Cisco. However, it is advised to check the official website because the price may vary according to the location and other external factors.

  1. Duration

The duration of the exam is two hours, and the examinee is supposed to complete and submit the exam within 120 minutes.

  1. Eligibility

There are no such eligibility criteria for the exam; however, basic knowledge and interest in networking should be there. This is not a rule, but it just makes things easier to clear the exam.

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4. Subjects

The topics that are to be covered by the examinee for the exam are IP connectivity (25%), network fundamentals (20%), network access (20%), security fundamentals (15%), IP services (10%), and automation & programmability.

How to Prepare for the Exam?

Okay, the first thing you want to do is understand the question pattern of the exam. The exam is of a total of 1000 marks, and to clear it, you must score 825 points.

Things you should do in preparation for the exam:

Get relevant study material

Study material is important for every exam there is. You need to invest in a reliable source of material that is tried and trusted by others. You need to do proper research before you start studying.

Understand your weakness

Everyone has some weakness. Introspect yours and work on it. You will never improve till you understand what is pulling you down, get to know your weakness, practice it and improve yourself.

Choose a training center-

If you don’t like to take chances and would like help, go ahead and seek it. Training centers know the exam patterns, can provide you with relevant material, and improve your performance.

Practice, Practice, and Practice-

Give modal tests, mock tests, and sample tests as much as you can. Sample papers help you understand the question paper pattern better and also boost your confidence.

Take breaks-

Don’t exhaust yourself. Taking breaks is not just okay, but it is essential for our minds to work at their full capacity. Give yourself a breather, and don’t exhaust yourself. It’ll only hinder your progress.

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Merits of Certification

Better Job Opportunities-

Cisco is a reputed company, and the examinations by them symbolize your skills and knowledge. By adding the CCNA certification to the resume, one is bound to get better job opportunities in comparison.

Increased Salary-

A better job also means better pay. However, the certification can also increase your job at the current firm you’re working in. Today knowledge is a skill, and many companies also look for Cisco-certified people for that knowledge.

Eligible for a Higher Course-

A CCNA-certified individual is eligible to take up higher-level examinations as well. One of the most popular certifications after CCNA is CCNP. CCNP is a professional certification and can be the next step after CCNA.

Strengthens your Foundation-

CCNA course in Coimbatore is the most popular networking certification that clears all the fundamentals and basics of networking. One gets to learn many topics in the process. The topics in the examination provide knowledge regarding CCNA clouding, security, industrial, routing & switching, collaboration, service providers, cyber ops, wireless, and data centers.

Enhanced Knowledge-

With so much to learn, the certification evidently increases an individual’s knowledge significantly.

Recommendation for training course

The best option available is Network Rhinos. They are a training and placement company with 5 CCIE Certified Engineers. They have a placement record of over 600 + candidates. The courses provided by them are CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, AWS, Python, Advance Ethical hacking, and cybersecurity.


CCNA is a great course to broaden your horizons and scope in the field. It is a highly-reputed and globally recognized certification. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned in the article to get through your exams confidently.


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